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September 01, 2010



I'm retiring.

I do reserve the right to come back, erratically, and post -- at least, until they change the passwords.

"I'm retiring."

"But not really."

Nothing like keeping your options open. (Then again, can you retire from something you haven't been doing anyhow? ;-)


I fear, though, that I would have to blog under under my real name .... which would kill some of the fun.

Nothing like trying to rival slarti for being cryptic. ;-)


I hope you're enjoying our fair state. It isn't always 90 and humid here, but you knew that. And I have to remind myself that it may not actually be 90 and humid where you are.


Your youngest is adorable, even when she's clearly plotting mischief. Or maybe especially then.

Why don't you just change your handle to BrettF? ;^)

Take care, it was always a pleasure to read you.


Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

Alongside Hilzoy, you've been my favorite on the interpipes.

Thanks for your patience.

It's too bad about how things have turned out. See you round, when we come through the darkness.

Lovely child.

She's the light.

*As long-time readers will know, I'm the classic-liberal leaning one on this blog, so I guess it figures that I like Jane Galt.

But you're also one of the smart ones, so it doesn't.

Raising lovely manga children is one of the very few things that is more important than front-page blogging. Probably more fun too, although I can't speak directly to that. Enjoy.

Southern Crane? Hah! Any decent Win Chun practitioner would totally crush her.

But she's got the adorable on her side, so that might more than offset any stylistic mismatch.

Nice to see/read you again, von, and your announcement of maybe-retirement notwithstanding: hope to see/read you again soon. As always, too, feel free to give me a shout if you should happen to be in town and find yourself with some unanticipated free (maaning, in this context: unbillable) time on your hands.

Related: I heard this rumor of a possible Gary Farber guest-post sometime in the very near future. I think OW is in need of help right now, and I just don't have much to say right now, which paired with habitually not saying it very well makes for very dim prospects of me adding any value, here.

Your youngest reminds me of my youngest, von. Best of luck, and don't give up on looking like Henry Rollins. I find that very endearing.

You will be missed, especially with a cutie like that who should be posted at every opportunity regardless of where you land. Your daughter's picture preceding whatever you might say guarantees a muted response. I wish I had gotten here sooner so that we could have crossed swords more. Adios, and all the best.

Agree with McTex: You have been depriving us of pictures of that adorable child!!

Still hoping to link up next time you come through NYC.

Would like to move beyond email and those few phone calls a while back.

Thanks for everything.

Insanely cute little girl. And I say that as a new father of a little girl I consider to be really cute.

Best of luck and all that.

Slarti -- if you are going to go all HKAF on Von with one of the few styles that has a female founder you could at least link to Michelle Yeoh as Wing">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wing_Chun_(film)">Wing Chun herself rather than Donny Yen as Ip Man. Added bonus -- it's directed by Yuen Woo-Ping. Too bad, though, that they don't use any actual Wing Chun in the fight choreography.

There again, given the Vonling's age and gender there is always Chocolate.">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoccbDV5NOI">Chocolate.

Enjoy the semi-retirement, Von.

That's one cute little girl, dude.

Some friends were just visiting with their five-year-old daughter in tow. 24 hours of non-stop, relentless cuteness. Makes me wonder how any of you folks with young kids find the time, inclination, or energy to post at all.

Enjoy the break von. But remember, if looking like Rollins is your goal, it's gonna take a lot of ink to get it done.

Have fun!!

mmmm Michelle Yeoh. I'd quit drinking and learn Cantonese for that woman.


I thought Donny Yen was very good as Ip Man. I saw another movie with him in it, "Flash Point", that I thought was horrible, but there's a fight scene at the end that is both really good (as in: relatively realistic and believable) and completely different, stylistically, from what Donny did in Ip Man.

I'm not a huge fan of martial arts films, but there are some fight scenes that I think are particularly well done.

if looking like Rollins is your goal

Von does look like Rollins, according to von - enough that people have mistaken him for ol' Hank in public. I'm guessing von's a bit short on the ink end of things, though.

You never know. There's a lot you can hide under the long sleeves of a suit and dress shirt.

Cute kid, and best of luck.

There's a lot you can hide under the long sleeves of a suit and dress shirt.

That sounds like the first line of a novel I really want to read.

Thanks for all the kind words.

In response -

No ink on me. (I came close to getting the Jawbreaker four-Fs back in the day, http://www.loosecharm.org/4f.html but never followed through.)

I've never been mistaken for Rollins; I used to get the remark that I looked like Rollins. I also had a pretty killer time dress as the "Liar" for Halloween a couple years running. Anywhoo, the resemblence to Rollins may be fading: I was actually mistaken for Jeff Gordon when I was in Slarti's home town. (Although that may say more about Mouseville than it says about me.)

Eric, will do. I meant to give you a call when I was in last in NYC, but the schedule became a lot more grueling than I anticipated.

JanieM, we went to ME early this year. We tend to go at the start of August, although my parents are there a lot more.


Good luck and thanks for your contributions here.

Write if you get work.

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