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September 26, 2010


And, yes, I did read this.

Of course, the story is, as usual with anything that can be given a funny twist, being badly reported. UNOOSA has existed for a long time, Mazlan Othman's been head before, and the agency is about coordination of worldwide space activities, not contacting aliens.

To come full circle, ObiWi showed that LOTR analogies CAN be used for atlasing female anatomy. I think that was the first post here I ever read.

I really miss Hilzoy. What happened, where did she go?

Well, it's about time, Gary!

Good luck with the upcoming move, by the way.

Oh, and Banned Books Week started yesterday. (I'm encouraging bloggers to post on it.)

"I really miss Hilzoy. What happened, where did she go?"

I killed her.

See update, Batocchio! Thanks for reminder. Talked about it on Facebook, but, well, there's no shortage of topics to blog about, that's for sure.

And, anne, we all miss Hilzoy's postings and presence terribly, and the idea of posting on the same front page she did is more than daunting. God knows I'm not a tenth the blogger she was, and ten of me couldn't replace her.

It's everyone's dream that she would return to post, not simply comment, even just on occasion.

But, hey, the current plan, last I looked, was to still add yet at least another blogger, if not more, so odds are high it will be someone who sucks less than I do.

Hmm, algorithms to simulate emotion.

Here's what I'm looking to do with you:

Just to be clear, assuming you aren't one of the two labbies or the Ozzie guy, are you Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, or Larry King?

(you could the the signal source in Vega, I suppose...)

anne :

Hilzoy retired from blogging in June.

LJ, I am a lone consciousness, listening for, and looking to, make contact.

"(you could the the signal source in Vega, I suppose...)"

Probably closest.

Congratulations, Gary!


David Cole reviews two new books on the atrocities at Guantanamo, and draws out this depressing fact:
Even the physical design of the Guantánamo courtroom is shaped by the desire to conceal our own abuses. A soundproof glass wall separates the onlookers from the trial participants, so that the only way an observer can hear what is going on is through headphones with a forty-second delay. The reason, according to Denny LeBoeuf, an ACLU lawyer advising on the defense of several detainees, is “the Rule: detainees are forbidden from speaking about their torture.”

Remarkably, the US government has declared “classified” anything that the detainees say about their torture, and has required the lawyers, as a condition of access to their clients, to keep secret all details of their clients’ treatment at the hands of their interrogators. But of course, the US cannot compel the detainees themselves not to speak of the unspeakable. The only way it can keep them from telling their stories is by keeping them detained, behind bars, behind glass, silenced.

Blogging about stuff like this is also why I want to blog here and one of the things I intend to blog about. I'm not Hilzoy, and I'm not Katherine, and IANAL, but I've been a civil liberties fanatic since literal childhood, and I do what I can.

Thanks, Abi.

I should mention that Slartibartfast was Present At The Creation, as well, as a commenter.

And now I'm a real ObWi front pager.

Nice! Thanks for spreading the word on Banned Books Week. I just finished this year's post, and am linking folks who write posts celebrating it.

Hey Gary, excellent posting. Took me back to reading some of your great rants on Usenet back in the olden days. I used to cyber-stalk you round the groups because you wrote such good stuff. I found ObWi some years ago, and loved the front-pagers (mostly), but it was also an attraction that you commented here. Be well, and enjoy your blogging.

Congrats on the good news Gary.

this is gonna be fun.

Congrats, you deserve it, though the revolving door there makes me hope you won't follow Hilzoy and Publius out the door.

Youe time in fandom overlaps mine. I was active in ESFA (Sam Moskowitz' old group) starting in about 1961 -- actually iot was JWC Jr. -- who I called up on a whim -- who told me about it -- and in other NYC and later Philly groups off and on until about 1972. (My name was Jim Sanders then, I changed it unofficially in 1977 and legally last year, but I mostly wrote as "Jeff Glancannon" -- and you might remember a minor feud I had with Darrell Schweitzer.)

I don't recall running into you in fanzines or in person -- the period of 1970-75 was the only time I haven't been a resident of NYC, I was in Philly and too broke to travel out of the city.

Anyway, again congrats, and isn't it amazing how much the blogosphere took from fandom without realizing it.

I really miss Hilzoy. What happened, where did she go?

She sailed off to Valinor, of course. Didn't you see that season finale?

Congratulations, Gary, and best wishes from the Contra Costa County exile community.

ObiWi showed that LOTR analogies CAN be used for atlasing female anatomy. I think that was the first post here I ever read.

It might be amusing to speculate on what might represent the Two Towers, or the Return of the King. And Shelob.

I should mention that Slartibartfast was Present At The Creation, as well, as a commenter

Hmm. I think Tacitus.org (? I think we'd need the Wayback Machine to reproduce that) was my introduction to Internet Arguments. IIRC ObWi sprung nearly full-formed from the brow of Tacitus.

I can't make myself backspace over the preceding sentence, for some reason.

Hopefully I've improved, and possibly even mellowed, over time, in the Internet Argumentation area.

"Prup (aka Jim Benton)"

Jeebus fcusk, you're Jim Sanders?!?!

I know you! That is, I read fanwriting by you, back in my fanzine collecting days, and much of you.

You were a FIStFAn! I started attending at Ross Chamberlain's, in 1974!

Back in the day, as a Fanoclast at the same time, I collected a complete run of Apa-F, of course, and practically everything published in NYC fandom in the Sixties, including SECRET APA of Arnie Katz's, and other private apas. So, just to utter names: Mike McInerny!

Norm J. Cascajo!

It's an effing small world.

I've been seeing you post as Prup (aka Jim Benton), and had not the faintest clue that you were Jim Sanders!

Ghu, Foo-Foo, and Roscoe fugg me.

Tom Byro is a Facebook Friend, by the way.

And, no, I don't think we ever met, at least not to be introduced.

But if you were at any of the NE circuit cons between 1975-1977, e.g., Boskone, Lunacon, Philcon, Disclave, we would have crossed paths in the halls or at a party, I should think. At the beginning of '78 I moved to Seattle, so those would have been the only years.

I never did get to attend an ESFA meeting, but I did meet SaM a few times before he left us.

"IIRC ObWi sprung nearly full-formed from the brow of Tacitus."

Yes, obviously, although I never read Tacitus, myself. But the original ObWi directly extruded from Tacitus, and Moe was the primary blogger; he originally referred to it as "his" blog, along with his two co-bloggers.

I was never a Tacitus fan, I'm afraid. Nor has Josh Trevino been a fan of mine, so far as I know. Although he did retweet an insult of me only a few months ago, so it's good to know he remembers me.

And I was trying to remember, Jim, if you were in TAPS, but I do recall you were in the Cult. (I was in TAPS, but only read the Cult.)

And you threatened to start Cult II, I think?

I miss Brucifer (Pelz).

Gary, have you ever seen this t-shirt?

Yes, because I'm on the ThinkGeek mailing list.

But there are about a zillion Princess Bride tee-shirts, as well.

At this point I'm feeling like ThinkGeek stuff is so popular now that it's practically mainstream. I ended up not wearing my "Stand Back! I'm Going To Try Science!" tee-shirt at the NASFiC because I saw two people wearing the same, and more being sold in the huckster/dealer's room.

"http://tacitus.org is not available in the Wayback Machine."

...zillion Princess Bride tee-shirts, as well.

Yeah, but that one made me laugh.

I've decided I'm going to make an effort to try to do daily link-dump posts back at Amygdala.

I hope that will serve to kick-start me to begin blogging more frequently again there, however insubstantially it may be as a start, and as overflow so I won't overpost here; I can simply refer y'all to my daily link-dump post at Amydala for a variety of stuff I, at least, think interesting.

(I wouldn't expect anyone else to find more than some of it interesting.)

Seem reasonable?

ral: yup.

I hadn't noticed before now that Jerry Doyle, the Babylon 5 actor and conservative, has Andy Olmsted's Final Post on his front page.

[My apologies to everyone else -- who will be bored by this as they are by any 'reunion' talk -- and if you want, Gary, maybe we should continue this by e-mail (jimbentn at verizon should 'net' me]

OhferKroo'ssake, Gary, you remember more about Jim Sanders than I do -- and I was him. When you started with 'you were Jim Sanders' I thought it was a leg pull, but then you started dropping names.
Mike (I keep the apartment a total mess so the narcs won't find anything) McInerney -- I helped clean out that apartment when he moved, gawdelpme, but I did inherit his yard-long hashpipe with the Amerind decorations.

Ross Chamberlain, that incredibly brilliant and gentle artist.

Tom Byro, whose wife I introduced to him -- not one of my prouder moments.

Yes i was, i think, briefly in TAPS and in the Cult -- but whenever I tried to publish I wound up to broke to follow through on it very soon, which is why i started mostly writing to others. And God was my writing awful -- it still is, but corflu was so much harder to use than backspace and delete keys.

No, never made any of those, the last con of any sort I made was a local Philly one in, I think, 1972. The only off-east Coast con I ever made was one when i went along for the ride to Cincinatti with Ted White, Dave VanArnam, and some other locals -- which is still one of the only two times I ever left the NY-Washington strip -- the other was a trip to Memphis a year after I was married -- a business trip for her, but her boss invited me along.

And to think, when i went through the legal name change, I was worried in advance that there was no way of proving I had been Jim Sanders -- fortunately it never came up, because I would have had to find a fan who remembered me, and since I didn't know you did, I would have been left with Dennis McCunney, John Boardman -- the inventor of Postal Diplomacy, and maybe Fred Lerner.


Yeah, after this, email me if you like at gary underscore farber at yahoo dot com, though I get so much spam I don't know why I bother to spell it out.

But, hey, it's my intro thread, and my past, too, so I don't mind this much public talk, though probably not much more.

In any case, among my Facebook Friends are Dennis and Tom and Ross, and Perdita B*ardman's daughter, Karina (formerly G*rsd*nsky); I'm back on the Timebinders mailing list with Ted White. Ted and I go back to the mid-Seventies, of course, and I've stayed at his house many times, co-edited The Gafiate's Intelligencer, etc.

I was in John and Perdita's house dozens of times for Lunarians and Lunacon meetings in the mid-Seventies; I grew up a few blocks away from them in Midwood, on East 10th between J and K.

Tom posts about current "FIStFA meetings" that seem to consist of 4 or so people, as outings, but was doing so as of this morning.

Ross seems to be as sweet as ever; he and Arnie and Joyce and Bill K*nkel are all in Las Vegas and have been for many years now, where they've been fanning away as ever on their fanzines. Me, I've been pretty gafiated from fanzines in the past decade, though I've been edging back into more contact in the last year.

So, email me if you want any more of this.

My first link dump post, by the way. Get your links while they're warm! Come back often!

A big one: Oh, my: U.S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet.

[...] Essentially, officials want Congress to require all services that enable communications — including encrypted e-mail transmitters like BlackBerry, social networking Web sites like Facebook and software that allows direct “peer to peer” messaging like Skype — to be technically capable of complying if served with a wiretap order. The mandate would include being able to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.

The bill, which the Obama administration plans to submit to lawmakers next year [....]

Sputter. RTRS: 5 out of 5.

I was going to blog about this massive new legal change being proposed on eavesdropping, but I don't think I can say much worth saying that Glenn hasn't already said.

The mandate would include being able to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.

HAH! Good luck with that.

Catsy, they're saying that companies couldn't do the encrypting themselves without providing a back door; they have in mind, for instance, RIM and Blackberry. They're not saying invent a way to crack PGP, or someone else's crypto.

I'm still here, trying to get over Obama's claim that the government gets to assassinate people without the possibility of judicial review.


I'm still here, trying to get over Obama's claim that the government gets to assassinate people without the possibility of judicial review.
Do a post on it: show us how it's done. Just one.

Be mad. Explain. No one can do that voodoo you do so well as you do.

Add to above to Hilzoy: Pliz?

And my first day of link-dumping is done.

I hope some of you might be kind enough to check it out, and see what you think, and if I should keep trying to do that sort of thing, as time and energy and health allow.

Gary: no; it's like crack for me.

Also: I remember being asked to "replace" Katherine. The very idea terrified me. I thought: not possible. Not by me, not by anyone.

Your crack = our education and enlightenment.

Do it for the children; think of the children!

Besides, Hilzoy, what are your friends thinking now?

[...] Her friends are grateful to Obsidian Wings for giving her another outlet for her political opinions.
;-) ;-) ;-)

You could just do only one a month! Only one a month, and no more!

Meanwhile: Obsidian Wings: The Next Generation?

Obsidian Wings: New Mutants?

Children Of The Obsidian Wings?

Obsidian Wings: An Ambiguous Heterotopia?

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