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August 20, 2010


pull out in opposition to the opinion of the Warrior Hero General four months before a presidential election ?

yeah right.

I don't doubt that McChrystal's behavior was as you report it here, but it seems to me that Petraeus' is simply a regurgitation of the plan, which was never about pulling out rapidly. That isn't to say that Petraeus doesn't want to stay in and isn't trying to angle toward that end, I just don't see the same level of BS involved.

I also think you all tend to believe entirely too much in the reasons given for staying in a Afghanistan. I'd bet there were other considerations that went unspoken for a reason.

I can only hope that Bacevich keeps up the fire here and that people start paying attention. America's militarism is outta hand in a big way and it does pose a threat to our democracy -- not in terms of a coup, but in terms of skewed priorities. We are deep in economic trouble and we keep throwing away money for no long-term economic or foreign relations gain. This six-gun diplomacy was already more expensive than Vietnam two years ago. And just because the casualties are an order of magnitude smaller than in Vietnam and composed entirely of volunteers does not mean that we should continue to throw lives away waiting for a decent interval in which to declare mission accomplished and freedom on the march or a democratsunami or whatever.

The problem, as to do that without killing our economy further because of all the military-industrial complex jobs being propped up by six-gun socialism -- which is really what our military is.

Generals who are eager to fight wars are like firemen who are eager to fight fires. Some call them commendable; I call them suspicious.

It's too bad the US no longer has a cavalry. Leading a parade, astride a horse used to be glory enough for most generals. Cheaper for us, too.


In your blog you can always find something useful.

Generals who are eager to fight wars aren't in the 'field of fire.'
Talking about calvary reminded me of ex Civil War hero General Armstrong Custer, who embarrassed the President by exposing the scams his brother was perpetrating on purchasing military supplies.
We know where he ended up safely far from the halls of power : Injun Country.
I don't think he would have worked for Blackwater/Xe either. He liked chasing a fantasy heroism in a culture dedicated to snowing impressionable young men.
Things haven't changed much.
Petraeus ? He knows the waltz.

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