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July 12, 2010


The Romney op-ed scared the crap out of me, that someone so amazingly ignorant about how treaties work could be considered one of the smarter and more thoughtful potential 2012 candidates. Not to mention ignorant of how nuclear weapons work.

i wouldn't be so sure Mitt is ignorant of any of that. given the amount of completely fabricated nonsense that comes out of the GOP these days, and the near-total lack of fact-checking that they're subjected to, i'd bet that Mitt just assumed there was no downside to adding his own heaping dollop of codswallop to the pile.

Somehow Romney reminds me of McCain. He's also managing, in just 8 years, to go from being a sensible and principled man who sensible people could support as a candidate, to being someone who is willing to compromise any and every principle in the hopes of getting elected. I'm suspecting that, even if he somehow convinces the theocon right to overlook his religion, his willingness to say absolutely anything in pursuit of the nomination will cost him dearly.

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