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June 25, 2010


It is still unclear whether the new Tory government supports this course; Barack Oba­ma certainly opposes it.

In some languages the word for "stupid" has less of a sense of intellectual impairment, and more a sense of mulish, obstinate folly.

It wasn't his war to start with, but it's his now.

Richard Nixon ran in 1968 as the anti-Vietnam war candidate.

Yet when he took office...

We can't afford to see a dentist. All the money was blown on the war and tax cuts for war profiteers.

And I knew I'd made a horrible call ...

score, after 9 years:

DFHs : 2
Establishment: 0

Unfortunately, the DFHs and the Establishment are not playing the same game.

In the one that matters, the Establishment is relentlessly running up the score and ogling the cheerleaders.

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