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May 29, 2010


of course the people who are disappointed in Obama are not all small-govt conservatives.

but i guess it's more fun to just pretend disappointed liberals are just delusional or expect too much. more jokes that way. don't have to acknowledge the political effects of having a detached non-leader at the helm while all of these things are going on. hell, leadership itself is a myth. all the great so-called leaders of history: mere passive facilitators. nobody was ever inspired by a speech. mere words. so what if polling shows Obama's supporters are disappointed in him six months before an election? it's not like the leader of the party has any influence. so what if congressmen are asking Obama to stay away? pshaw.

no, we need more calm, detached, un-inspiring non-leadership.

you people are giggling past the polling place.

Why anyone takes Noonan even remotely seriously is utterly beyond me. She has demonstrated time and again that she has neither a modicum of decency nor good faith.

"Hitler AND Stalin"

Well, you forgot Osama Bin Laden, Chamberlain, whichever Black Panther gives us the willys, and for Cleek's sake, Jimmy Carter.

African witch doctor, Step N Fetch It, Pol Pot, Jane Fonda, Abby Hoffman, Goebbels, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Jesus Christ, Julius Caesar, Brutus, Hamlet, Mephistopheles, Pangloss, Jane Eyre, Famous Amos, Amos and Andy, Leopold Bloom, Al Jardine, Santa Anna, Santa Claus, Abraham Lincoln, Beelzebub, Marion Berry, Mao-Tse-Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Wilt Chamberlain, Moe Lane, Alex Keaton, Oz, Sachel Paige, and Cantinflas.

President Obama is a like a hailstone -- he's never the size of himself.

Poor America. Reality has failed us again.

Poor disappointed us.

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