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May 05, 2010


Excellent anecdotes, only slightly flawed by the fact that Steve Nash is Canadian, and therefore likelier (IMHO) to be critical of a stupid American law AND nicer as a person. Reinforcing the stereotype rather than standing as a symbol of what's best about US.



Groucho: Why, a decent American could tell you the Arizona law is unAmerican.

Someone run out and find me a Canadian!

Interestingly, he is a Canadian Landed Immigrant born in South Africa. Which explains even better. And one of the sports people I still hold out as someone to have your kids look up to.

Excellent anecdotes, only slightly flawed by the fact that Steve Nash is Canadian,..

So does this fall under "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative?"

Worse yet...he's a soccer fan. That pretty much puts him firmly in the camp of latte-sipping-surrender-monkeys by default, eh?

Steve Nash went to my high school: he was a couple years ahead of me, so I guess that means I went to his high school.

He's amazing at any sport: I saw him play soccer a couple times and he's ridiculously good at that as well.

I knew his sister and their dad: she played soccer (and was amazing) and he was the coach.

The Arizona law is ridiculous, but in a completely different meaning.

I must admit that if I were Steve Nash, I'd have reached in my wallet for a different five dollar bill.

Mike, you remind me of an old story about a football (baseball? basketball?) player who walks into the team bathroom and sees a teammate throwing a five-dollar bill into the toilet. He asks, "What the hell?!"

The teammate replies: "I dropped a quarter in there. You don't think I'm gonna stick my hand in the toilet for a lousy 25 cents, do you?"


LOL. (Truly, I did.)

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