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March 06, 2010


It's been a joy to see the photos of baby Eric. I'm waiting today for the arrival of my first grandchild, a boy, who has a Japanese mother and an American (English/Irish/German/Danish)father. Can't imagine what he will look like, but your little guy could be a clue. Thanks for the baby blogging!

I want a chair like that!

Thanks Kristina. Very exciting! This was my mother's first grandchild as well, and she has...well, let's just say baby Eric doesn't want for affection ;)

JB: Seriously.

My daughter had one of those chairs too. She's stay in it for about five minutes and then try to flop herself onto the floor to work on her crawling skillz.

Enjoy this brief remaining time before your progeny discovers the secret of locomotion.

Enjoy this brief remaining time before your progeny discovers the secret of locomotion.

One of the (many) times I found my grand-niece fascinating was when she seemed to realize that crawling was possible, but couldn't quite figure out how to do it.

She would lie on her belly and stretch her arms out and grab at the floor, but make little progress. She seemed puzzled by the lack of motion, but gamely carried on, until she finally managed it.


An interesting note for the Chairmans parents here

Great pics.

Yeah, locomotive he ain't. Yet. I'm looking forward to it, and not yet quite prepared (the baby proofing must commence soon I think). Still, he's not yet 5 months (Wed) so I have a little time. And for now, he loves the chair.

the idea of a baby chair with back support is just too cute! of course a kid that age has a spine so supple you could probably bend him in a circle backwards and he would just giggle :-)

Love of Chair seems appropriate.

In the third picture he looks like a mini Sean Penn confronting the paparazzi. "Get that camera out of my face!"

The kid doesn't look anything like Frank Sinatra....not that that is a bad thing.

Eric, I'm just about a year ahead of you in the baby journey, so I remember well thinking how cool it would be when my little girl started to crawl, and it was cool. But I look back now and think how nice it was to be able to put the baby down and know that she wouldn't skitter away.

Aurora is a very goal-oriented little girl. Before she could crawl she would get up on her hands and knees, rock backward and forward and get frustrated that she wasn't making any progress. I could see on her face that her little baby brain had a working theory of how to crawl, but her body couldn't quite put it into action.

This past Friday we all went to Ikea and she ran all over the place, climbing on every piece of Swedish, put-it-together-yourself furniture that she could reach.

So you have that to look forward to also...which is nice.

I absolutely love your little dude's hair. Freaking hilarious.

My daughter was 8 weeks old on Friday (though she was 6 weeks early, so that has to be taken into account), so right now merely lifting up her head and looking around is an impressive (but ever-more-common) feat. Thinking about Amelia motoring around the house is both cool and scary. Much baby-proofing to be done, and honestly you simply cannot baby-proof 2 labrador retrievers. They are forces of nature. Their fur is ubiquitous - battle it and you will lose, every hour of every day. Their drool is ever-present and will not be stopped. She's just gonna have to deal :)

What Daniel Larison said.


I wear a full beard, and those mitts made me cringe, not for the thought of being punched by them, but for fear of them grabbing a fistful of beard.

Yeah, those paws are capable of a lot of tug and squeeze.

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