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March 20, 2010


Beautiful kid, Eric.

Excellent hat.

My son is 20 and attending college at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. He's been a delight every moment along the way.

But I really miss moments like the ones you depict here.

Savor them.

I should be Skyping with my son sometime today.

I like the side sling better in hot weather. It places the baby more on your hip, face-in. Also, the legs are less likely to smack other people.

That was mostly my mode of carrying girlchild #2 around China. She was needy, and that made me always there for her. At the end of the day, there'd be these two wrinkled places on my shirt where her hands had been clutching it all day.

Cute baby. We have one of those wrap slings, but it's in lurid purple... for some reason that I'm sure is completely unrelated to that fact, I prefer using the black Baby Bjorn, although it's not quite as cosy. The four extra limbs definitely makes you feel kind of like an alien, but that's not so bad.

Eli a couple of days ago:

If you're into watching other people's babies eat sweet potatoes (and why wouldn't you be?), there is a cute video here. He's even more enthusiastic now, I was feeding him peas the other day and had to restrain to stop him from lunging at the spoon like a starving wolf. I don't hold out much hope of ever teaching him to use a fork the proper, British way (spike, don't shovel). Too hungry.

As an old pediatrician, I'm so glad you youngsters haven't sworn off babies. Not surprisingly, pediatricians have the highest job satisfaction of all docs. I think it's because we get to play with kids like yours while pretending to examine them.

The first pic, the kid looks like he's saying "Look what I brought home with me, can I keep him?" about the dad on his back. ;-)

Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing.

Handsome and happy little guy! If you ever find a way to keep his hair down, patent it right away. You'll make a fortune.

One question: If health care passes tomorrow, any idea of we'll get a celebratory post from publius?

I love your posts, but sometimes a good publius rant is just want I need to get the old blood angered up (in a good way).

This blog is better with publius and hilzoy, and has been improved by von's recent postings.

I would rather not carry the load.

I'll promise to cajole publius relentlessly.

JD: Watched the video with Eric in my lap. He was rapt. Very cute ;)

Hilzoy and publius are sorely missed, but it's still a great blog with you and Von holding down the fort. I honestly don't know how you do it. I can hardly find the time to return emails, let alone right long blog posts in my down time.

PS - Merci á l'avance for the publius cajoling. I'm pushing my luck, but maybe we can also get him to chime in on the FCC's new broadband plan as well.

I really appreciate the hard work you put int producing quality posts for us readers, eric. Thank you.

In the first picture the lil one looks like a monk trying to strike a fighting stance.

Horrible hat. Really, horrible horrible horrible. And I have lost all respect for John Thullen, really, dude. Plus I have half a mind to report you to child services for that hat. Have I mentioned the hat?* ;-)

Ugh Jr., after a blessed week of waking up after 6am due to daylight savings, decided this morning that "Hey, why don't I get up at 4:55 and be all like whaaaa! Hearing no objections, whaaaa!"

Also I have to put in a plug for the son of an Iranian immigrant hitting the biggest shot of the NCAA tourney so far, him being from Iowa no less. We might just survive as a nation.

*I'm not even that big of a Red Sox fan. But to take advantage of your position as an ObWi poster so shamelessly, that was one step too far.

OTOH that John Lewis is still being called a [email protected]@ger 50 years on is kind of discouraging.

The best pics yet. These might be classics for years to come...

Handsome and happy little guy! If you ever find a way to keep his hair down, patent it right away. You'll make a fortune.

Nooo! I miss the days when my daughter's hair stuck up like that. Enjoy it while you can.

Raising a kid to be a Yankees fan is as heinous as raising one to be a Republican.

Maybe worse.

I'm counting on the teen disaffectation to make the little one despise the boys in pinstripes.

I'm counting on the teen disaffectation to make the little one despise the boys in pinstripes.

That never happened to me, or my ex, or our kids, Yankee fans all. ;)

It might have happened to my dad, though. Rumor has it that when he was young he would get into fistfights with his brothers -- all Cleveland fans (they grew up in NE Ohio) -- over baseball.

Anyhow, little E. may have his mother's eyes, but it sure looks like he has his father's chin. I'm not sure why I think there's a connection with baseball, but I'm sure it means he'll follow in his father's footsteps in that department.

He'll be free to choose any team he likes, but it is his birthright to be a Yankee fan, so why would he choose otherwise?

And yeah, he got my chin alright ;)

The middle picture is hilarious. I also love little Eli eating his sweet potatoes.

Did someone delete my last comment?

HSH: It's possible. There was a lot of spam built up over the weekend, and I was just mowing the lawn, and might have nicked your comment by accident.

No biggie. I just wanted to be sure I didn't offend.

Not at all! Please re-post. If I deleted it, it was by accident without me even seeing the contents.

Hard to read the names on the Vietnam memorial in the rain.
And damn is Lincoln's second inaugural something.

FYI - next time you're here note you can walk around to the back of the Lincoln Memorial and get a view of the Potomac/Arlington/Memorial bridge.


I'm counting on the teen disaffectation to make the little one despise the boys in pinstripes.

That never happened to me, or my ex, or our kids, Yankee fans all. ;)

Teen disaffectation? Too late. I became a Yankee fan at the age of maybe 7 or 8, because all around me, including most importantly my older sister, were Red Sox lovers.

Yankees-Red Sox was much less intense in those days, (the blood feud was Dodgers-Giants) and it was still possible for a Yankee fan to admire Ted Williams, for example, as I did. But my course was set.

the blood feud was Dodgers-Giants

That's actually how I became a Yankees fan. I moved to New York in 1980, from Berkley, CA. Was a Giants fan. Then the Yanks squared off against the Dodgers in the Series in 1981, and I was rooting so hard for the Yanks that I became a fan. I was 7.

My dad, from Queens, was a Brooklyn Dodger fan all the way, but his allegiance didn't migrate west with the team. Growing up, my Dad and brother were Mets fans, but I stuck with the Yanks. After all, you can't just switch allegiances (more than once ;)

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