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March 17, 2010


knee-jerk partisan wingnuts and think-tank warmongers disapprove of a Democrat?

strange days have found us.

Those guys aren't likely to go and say something that is going to embarass CNN. It's pretty obvious that it's only a matter of time before Erickson gets fired for some comment Erickson makes on air. Like when Limbaugh was hired to do football analysis. I mean, I see that you're going for a demographic, but don't you see how you're going to piss another one?

You know, at this point, I suspect that if Obama were to nuke Tehran and stride through the ruins feasting on the still-beating heart of Ahmadinejad, conservatives would *still* say that he grovels before the nation's enemies and abandons its allies.

Daniel Larison, Times columnist? We can dream. His stuff is even a little too straight-up for The Nation I'd say, though. He'd be more at home somewhere like Dissent if foreign policy were all he was going to be writing about. I'd have been impressed if the Times had offered it to them. It would serve them right to get savaged from their foreign-policy left (esp. on Israel) by their conservative columnist. Bobo would have had an aneurism. Or, more likely, vetoed it (since I think it was his call anyway).

Look at it this way: it could have been McMegan.

Obama's Gotta Squeeze Box?



Biden never sleeps at night.

geez, a song reference I know. It is the end of days.

I was kickin it old school...

in and out and in and out.....

yeah, pretty old school

I was kickin it old school...

and by the numbers.

"CNN's Ed Henry tried to brush off criticism of the Erick Erickson hiringg by arguing that the left would object to any conservative that they hired."

Yes, of course they would. But that doesn't have any bearing on the decision to hire a particularly stupid and hateful conservative. I suppose they needed someone to fill the gap Beck left.

I suppose [CNN] needed someone to fill the gap Beck left.

Exactly. BTW, I was in Europe recently, and had the unfortunate experience of watching the new 'CNN International'. As some of you may remember, CNN Int. used to be (or try to be) sort of like the BBC - completely different from the infantile US version. Not anymore. It's still less crappy than the US version (how hard is that?), but it's become more like it, with doctrinaire neo-liberal 'financial analysis' and loud-mouthed, hectoring hosts.

CNN was the first 24 hour cable news channel, but they failed to understand what Fox grasped from the start: that they are in the porno business, not the news business (a very weird kind of porno, but there you go). I don't think CNN will ever catch up. They're between a rock and a hard place: their positioning obliges them to pretend at being a 'serious news outlet', but know they need to trash-out at any opportunity.

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