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February 18, 2010


Chamblee 54 would enjoy being added. Pretty pictures and ugly opinions. Obsidian Wings is on the blogroll there.

In becoming a less active blogger these days, other than Balloon Juice and HuffPo, I don't visit many other political destinations than this one.

Now if the new blogroll will be eclectic and include a whim here and there, I highly recommend -- a peaceful and heartfelt oasis on the Web that includes stunning photography of its base in Africa, and is better visited than relying on my inadequate description -- and, for pure fun and lots of character for the dog lover out there, Three Woofs and a Woo, never fails (more awesome photography, accompanied by quirky narration).

Avedon's The Sideshow is one of those blogs I'm kinda surprised you don't yet have on the roll.

Though for sheer, cheerful, All-American glee I vote for Cake Wrecks.

...though it occurs to me that Box Turtle Bulletin offers an angle on US politics that the current blogroll doesn't cover at all.

Daniel Larison still wants to be on top of the blogroll, even though I've deleted and manually re-entered him a couple of times.

Stop that. Just...stop.

I looked very hard at the new blogroll slartibartfast built, but I didn't see a single fijord . . . :(

Ah, good job.

Of the econoblogs not listed, I like Naked Capitalism quite a lot, and it's regularly updated.

Daniel Larison still wants to be on top of the blogroll, even though I've deleted and manually re-entered him a couple of times.

But I'm old-fashioned enough to think that a Daniel Larison gives a lovely, baroque feel to a continent.

I had to think about that for a few seconds :)

The Sideshow is in.

Latest story here: How the Tea Partiers, according to a feature New York Times article, would make any ACLU member proud. And how proud the ACLU makes Tea Partiers! Because, according to the New York Times, Tea Partiers love freedom and Libery!! And so does Glenn Beck! And he turned them on to great books like 1984!!!

Oh, don't mind that none of this existed during the Bush Administration, with its excessive secrecy, narrow processes, autocratic style, evisceration of Articles I and II of the Constitution, mild disregard for the Bill of Right's, out of control fiscal recklessness at a time when there was no need,and pseudo imperialist or at least overly aggressive foreign strategies, that's just cause, well, you know, like.....

Another blog, a bit ribald and sometimes satirical at times, but is also like Obsidian wings somewhat, it is not partisan. (Of course, right now the facts aren't very partisan, either, so...)

Please give a thought to the U.S. Intellectual History Blog (apologies for tooting my own horn).

I hear that no blogroll is complete without the award-winning bastard.logic.

So I hear. Ahem.


Why is Megan McArdle listed ?

I would certainly add Scott Horton's superb No Comment blog

For actually-left, I like Jonathan Schwartz et. al. at A Tiny Revolution

Some of the best blogging I read is John Talton's Rogue Columnist

Will Bunch's Attytood is often very good.

I would certainly add Scott Horton's superb No Comment blog

Me too: it's intelligent, civilized, and a fierce defender of the Constitution and the rule of law. Though I suppose you accomplish more or less the same thing by not linking RedState.

oh--that blog with the really witty posts, the sparkling commentariat, the stream of provocative topics and informative exposition?

could you link to that one, please?

because for the life of me i can't seem to find it.

I'll pimp my blog, 40 Years in the Desert (

If you read it, you will always know that there is someone out there who writes worse than you do.

I strongly suggest League of Ordinary Gentlemen, too much good blogging over there to ignore. If you are gonna put Megan McArdle there, please include other libertarians that are not as crazy-inducing such as Will Wilkinson and Julian Sanchez (both are intriguing, heterodox libertarians IMHO). Also, Conor Friedersdorf's true/slant blog (I'm not a conservative but I really enjoy his writing, he argues in good faith).

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Why is Megan McArdle listed ?

Pie practice.

Oops, did I really say that out loud?

Mick Arran's Fact-esque

Radley Balko and William Easterly deserve some attention

Matt Yglesias still points to The Atlantic, rather than his current blog.

For an interesting perspective, how about The Economist's Democracy in America blog:

Mick Arran's Fact-esque

Glad to see Mick is doing well. Haven't heard from him since he ceased blogging @ my other (sadly neglected by yours truly) haunt, CFLF.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Mick in person actually.

To all: I'll try to get some recommendations up, and fix the stubborn Matt Y link (it was on the list, don't know how we missed it). But it might take a few.

Actually, speaking of intelligent and civilized, how about James Fallows?

Jeez Mike, that's so obvious, the omission is remarkable.

Slartibartfast "Daniel Larison still wants to be on top of the blogroll, even though I've deleted and manually re-entered him a couple of times."

That's just God talking; if you can find a better conservative intellectual in the USA...., well, then you're not in the same timeline as I am.

Slarti's a better man than he gives himself credit for :)

Please consider swimming freestyle for your bloglist.


Yglesias link fixed.

Sorry, it was a long weekend. Went and saw my nephew sing with the Concordia College choir, and stayed up late playing euchre with family afterward, followed by a day of mild suffering.

Anyway, fixed.

Sorry if we don't put your blog on the blogroll right away; these things are done partially by consensus, and we may be slow to check you out.

Avedon's The Sideshow is one of those blogs I'm kinda surprised you don't yet have on the roll.

aka The I Hate Obama Pie-Fest. She does write some good stuff from time to time, but the PUMAness of her blog makes me see stars. Also, The Bra of The Week may not be Safe For Work, depending on where you work.

As long as I'm delurking, let me please recommend BTC News. Weldon's back from a hiatus, a little more jaded than he used to be, but he's definitely one of the sharper liberal commenters that I regularly read.

(Yeah, there's some self-interest there, but the site is better than any of my contributions, really.)

I'm not jaded; I'm flat out bitter. But thank you, Keifus, and let me say that I otherwise am in wholehearted and objective agreement with your assessment and recommendation.

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