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February 17, 2010


Well, perhaps mission isn't accomplished but it certainly seems to be going well, with the news this morning of two more arrests. Obviously, there's a hard road ahead, but let's hope that this is the start of the "steady stream."

I remember the US was always capturing "senior leaders" during the genesis of the Iraqi civil war.

I think there were more "senior leaders" than soldiers.

Maybe it wasn't in July, August, or even December. But the end game now is obviously talks: ALL the players except the increasingly marginalized Secretary of State are blatantly signaling they precipitously came to that conclusion after engagement with the ground reality, whatever other rhetoric they may also be sustaining. Obama has for intents & purposes quietly began to end this war while convincing the necessary people he was expanding it (well, he did that too), but don't give him too much credit. It's now just a question of making sure Karzai doesn't get in the way of giving Pakistan what it wants & appeasing India.

I don't think it's Spencer-Ackerman-style optimism to say that this inveterate war-mongering surge supporter is pretty down with this.

Sorry, 2nd link above intended to be:

Sapient: I saw that this morning too. Sure looks like this is picking up momentum - building on Mike's point.

Someotherdude: I think that the serial capture of #2 and #3 had more to do with al-Qaeda than Iraq.

Still, cautious, but now cautiously optimistic.

Although it should be noted that those regional commanders were not Quetta Shura members.

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