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January 07, 2010


" to wrest the presidency and executive power away from radical hard-liners whose term in office had been marked by economic incompetence, foreign-policy adventurism, and an ideological doctrine that included new limits on civil rights"
Would that be George W. Bush?

Well, if the shoe...is hurled at your head...

"I'm from the neoconservatives, and I'm here to help?"

Well watching Obamas fly swatting skills, He can outdo Bush in ducking that flying shoe

Here's a question I have been askingl about Andrew Sullivan. He claims to be a (temperamental?) conservative-by-temperament. And we all know that tradition goes back to Burke who reacted ith horror to a revolution. And no doubt, if revolution were afoot here, Sullivan would react to it with horror befitting a Burkean. What is it in his own constitution, then, that gives him leave to climb aboard these foreign revolutionary projects that arise here with regard to places far away that we understand imperfectly at best, and that have their own needs and interests to factor potential revolution into however they will? What in the world allows him to call himself a Burkean and do this with such regularity? It consternates me.

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