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January 25, 2010


Gary's got a rough row to hoe. I've committed to what I can for at least the next year, and I join in Eric's request: the more of us can pitch in, the better. Also, The Kitteh.

For all who have been here a long time they know that Gary is a mind that goes to waste every day it is not as whole as it can be. Gary is the most irritating and specific opponent you can have in an online debate, but the perhaps the most selfr aware and intellectually honest commenter and blogger I have read. And we agreed very rarely.

Anything that would help him is a benefit to a much broader set of people.

I would encourage everyone to support his blog with a subscription (it is a little more varied in content) and then make it contingent in your response on his renewed participation here, (thats just me being selfish).

Thanks Chuck and Marty.

And I agree on most of the above - with the exception being that Gary and I agree on most things.

I chipped in a bit. (I hope he comes around here some more too, but first things first.)

I don't know anything about his case except what I just read, but depression can be a vicious downward spiral, where lack of treatment makes it hard to work or cope with the paperwork and hassle of getting other assistance, and that makes it hard to get treatment. If you can help someone break that spiral, you can - I know it's a worn-out cliche - really make a difference.

Thanks, guys.

The one upside for me of this completely shitty and overwhelming aspect of my life is that the generosity of some folks that I've seen with my own eyes has, aside from the mere keeping-me-from-physical-homelessness -- which it has in recent times, saving me (barely, to be sure) from the couch-surfing level of homelessness I've struggled with in the past -- has been enough to, at least enough of the time, help me remember that the world has much good in it, that people have much good in them, that life is worth struggling to live with, and kept me from despairing not just in my own internal workings, but in my view of humanity, and other people, and our country, shitty as our political system is, and much though it fails, to whatever degree, so many of us.

Thanks again to all, for whom none of my words are remotely adequate.

Whenever anti-evolution or intelligent design types talk about the wonders of the human body and how it had to be divinely designed, mental illness is my counter-example. What kind of god would design a brain with such terrible potential deficiencies, and all the pain they cause? My thoughts are with you in your struggle.

Gary - sent some ObWi love your way. Hope that it helps you out.



Hope my payment helps you get past the appeal. It is a payment because you earned my token and more, and I have always enjoyed your work. I wish it could be more.

It is a shame that there is no auto-deduct of a micropayment for each comment read, because I am sure you would be well off based on your content.

"Whenever anti-evolution or intelligent design types talk about the wonders of the human body and how it had to be divinely designed, mental illness is my counter-example."

But mental illness is merely a matter of demon infestation, and lack of moral fibre and willpower.


Your inner demons are lying bastards.

(Mine, on the other hand, seem remarkably perceptive.)

Live long, and prosper.


Well, it's a one time donation until I can get some things in order over the next month but I really hope that the people you've influenced, informed and entertained can help you through this.

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