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January 08, 2010


Wow, so Obama has both his Katrina (lack of H1N1 vaccine) and 9/11 (some dude set his underpants on fire) in his first year, whereas it took bush more than four years to accomplish such a thing.

Black Jimmy Carter.

Awesome. He's back. And this time he's (weakly) appropriated my ID. Yawn.

(Suffice to say, I doubt one would want to click the shortened links. Not that I'm about to check to make sure.)


Al-Qaeda's local enablers must learn that there is a price to be paid when Uncle Sam is attacked from their bases.

The banality of evil.

I still think ridicule would be the best response to terror, especially in this case: the guy burnt his genitals, failed to blow up the plane, and was captured by a tourist...

Ridicule for Broder is equally appropriate.

al-Q knows exactly how to push our buttons. odd that a raggedy bunch of thugs know more about us than we do.

Broder is not even up-to-date on the current GOP talking points. There were no terror attacks under Bush (9/11 was Clinton's fault. What anthrax and what Beltway sniper?) and not Obama's vaction was the main problem but his wasting of time with health (insurance) reform. Also Obama never uses the word terror or terrorist and ignores that 'we are at war' because of his black/Muslim background.
I think even Orwell would be surprised about this degree of blatancy in this rewriting of very recent history.

In Mr. Broder's last life, he was a bull in Spain telling other bulls that they needed to show their determination by charging the red cape whenever the funny-dressed guy waved it at them...

I stopped reading Broder several years ago, because of a particularly inane column (the details of which I have now throughly forgotten). The only time I ever hear about him any more is when someone makes a post on a blog. I suppose I could read him in order to know what he writes, as he has a prominent platform. But that's not worth it.

Quite frankly, Broder is a complete idiot.

45+ years in Washington is enough to thoroughly pickle a man's brain.

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