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December 04, 2009


If those mutant eyes are any indication, he' may repay you sooner than you think... :o

Happy holidays!

Oh, that is awesome! And when he's eight, you can give him pink pajamas with matching bunny slippers.

Totally unrelated, I've been hearing some familiar songs played on guitar, as in-between-program music on NPR. So far, I've identified A Feeling by Throwing Muses and Just by Radiohead, in the space of a couple of days. Interesting.

Cute, Eric, but you may want to look up "red-eye" in the camera manual or the iPhoto Help, or somewhere.

Just a suggestion.

Bernard, I'm a tech ignoramus. I'll see what I can do with my camera. Thanks.

Uh oh, now you're just asking for pictures of fat baby Ugh Jr.


If you can't bounce the flash - that is, direct it at the ceiling or some white surface - and don't want to fool with fixing it on the computer, then try diffusing the flash by putting something translucent over it.

That makes for a less harsh photo generally. I've seen people put a band-aid on the flash, though that would probably block too much light on a point-and-shoot.

Or you could just take the picture at an angle.

Wait -- so your son doesn't have mutant laser-eye powers?

Put that chocolate cake down right here mister!

I have good luck just turning off the flash and making sure there's a lot of other light in the room. My camera is nothing special.


And Eric -- the other Eric continues to be adorable. He looks like a very deep thinker. And you're going to have some grief over that little pout of a mouth. I loved finding out that the great, stylized, traditional tragic and comic masks came straight from the faces of babies.

Ugh Junior's picture wasn't up when I posted my comment....

Clearly the faces of babies represent every possible mood. I especially like the slight arch of the left eyebrow emphasizing the demand...or is it command...it's all the same as long as cake results.

I'm smilin'.

Oh shits! Adorable baby alert!

Is this a cute baby picture competition thread? Because I got the winner right here.

(All the non-baby people on the thread commit suicide.)

Here's Eli, just about the same age as Eric Jr:

The picture of Eli made me laugh out loud. :)

(All the non-baby people on the thread commit suicide.)

Not at all. Most of us love other people's babies. All that cuteness, and no diapers to change:)

Incidentally, if you have two sons and two daughters you have four "children". If you have, as I do, two nieces and two nephews, you have four ... what? There seems to be no word for it, in English. Does anybody here know if the missing word exist in various other languages?


OMG, your baby is a snow demon! Run! Run for your frosting!

I don't have kids, don't know if I ever will, but jeez I do looove me some cute baby pics.

More please.


He's quite fearsome.

If you have, as I do, two nieces and two nephews, you have four ... what? There seems to be no word for it, in English.

Anthropologists use the word "nibling". I've been trying to spread its use.

Anthropologists use the word "nibling". I've been trying to spread its use.

So you've been taking the nibling lead?

(Yeah. It's a stretch. Best I could do.)

May as well throw cute kittens into the mix--


Fix the red-eye, man!

Is that a $ sign in the left (on the photo) eye or a question mark? ;-)

Wow, what an amazing tool for a fundoscopic examination. Wait, that wasn't the intention? :)

I actually have an entry for the Obsidian Wings Cute Baby Show myself, but I can't figure out how to post it. Does the picture have to already be on the web, or can I copy it from my computer into a comment somehow?

Thanks to any HTML wizard who can help.

Bernie -- the one time I posted a picture to ObWi I used this site to figure out how to do it.

Then I wrote myself the following reminder:

To bring a picture in e.g. from Picasa, don’t use the address that appears in the address box. Right click on the image, select properties, and see what the URL of the image is. Maybe add .jpg. Also, the time I did this on ObWi, the picture was too big and got cropped.

And in answer to your question, though someone more knowledgeable may be able to tell you something different (and more satisfactory), I couldn't figure out a way to copy a picture from my computer to a comment.

If you just need a one-time link to an image, I'd recommend throwing it on one of the free image hosts. Imageshack is my personal favorite, and it's fairly user friendly in terms of uploading the image then handing you a chunk of HTML, BBCode, or suchlike to display the image in various environments. The HTML option would be what you need for an image here.

Janie, NV,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I did want to copy it right from my computer. Maybe that's not possible.

Hah. Imageshack and www.w3schools.com be praised.

The greatest grand-niece of them all:

...with the most amazing blue eyes ever!


I have to agree the picture of Eli way upthread is impossibly dear. As soon as you see it you start laughing with joy. This is how babies reproduce-- the grown ups, marriage, money, sex, are just knd of a delayed stratagem to produce more babies capable of smiling like that.


Hmmm. An amusing variation on the "people are just sperm's way of making more sperm" theory?

Thanks to all here for the spirits-lifting pics (Jacob, how can you stand to be anywhere but within tickling distance of Eli? )

Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, and a festive Festivus for the Rest of Us!

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