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December 25, 2009



Merry Christmas to all.

Say, congrats. Merry Christmas.

Thanks all!

Hey Smiley, long time no talk. Everything good?

My cockles are duly warmed. Which they need to be, because the White Christmas is a slushy-just-froze-black-ice Christmas. However, I'm home safely, still giggling about the jar of strawberry marshmallow fluff I was given by a relative who knows me all too well, and about to have hot tea with whisky.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. *glug glug glug*

Thank you for the cockle-warming pics!

Well we are warming up for our second round. The first round was on Tuesday with Paul's relatives. Tonight is just Paul and me, the lovely tree and the dogs and a good meal and the presents..that's a lot, isn't it?

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Sweetness. Happy holidays.

Consider the cockles warmed.

Though you might want to consider just a tad more staging for the baby-blogging pix: the panicky expression on Junior's face in that bottom one reads more like Attack Of The Vampire than Daddy's Goodnight Smooch.

Happy Holidays!

BTE Gary has a brief post up on Amygdala. I tried to comment but couldn't.

That is one adorable little guy, Eric.

Happy New Year! I'll be in New Orleans, doing some hopefully nonfatal stupid things.

Hopefully nonfatal amounts of food and drink, just to be clear.

Oh, and watching the Gators play, which in my experience is generally nonfatal.

Nice Slarti!

I'll be down in New Orleans for a week for my brother's wedding in late April. Looking forward to near fatal amounts of food and alcohol.

I lived, pretty much. New Years was relatively sedate(d); the next night was the Gator/Bearcat game, and we drank a bit too much after that was all over and done with.

Brennan's seems to have returned to much of its former splendor. Adolpho's was probably really great, only I was a bit too drunk to pass reliable judgement.

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