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November 04, 2009


He is adorable -- but, just to be safe, I would still keep his distance from the harder core Phillies fans.

Asleep with a bottle in his mouth--possible frontpager material here, I am thinking.

So, Obsidian Wings goes Wednesday Baby Blogging?

Not that I have a problem with that (wow, he's cute!) but ... open thread? Healthcare? Maine and the destruction of loving marriage?

Oh well. Cute baby!

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Such a tragedy that a cute little baby has been warped so early.

In pants already? Next thing you know he'll be slouching about the place in baggy pants that fall just under his buttocks-line, revealing some very snazzy boxer shorts.

Ugh Jr.:

See, one day they're putting on pants for the first time, next thing you know they're driving...

Cute kids all around.

In addition to pants and driving (with or without pants), are they candidates for front-paging at OBWI?

Vote for Pedro!

Now that my local transit agency is on strike, I gotta get me one of those Fisher Price cars.

Local transit agency on strike? You sound like a Phillies fan, Hogan.

Let's go indeed. Getting him off on the right foot is important.

You sound like a Phillies fan, Hogan.

I know, right? Like I didn't already have enough to deal with.


I truly hope your son becomes a Barça fan . . .

Eric Jr. Brings luck!!!

Start spreadin' the news!

The Bambino!

I truly hope your son becomes a Barça fan

Randy, we can work on this.

Sad Phillies fan here. Congrats to the Yankees for getting what they paid for. (Yeah, I know.... It's not the first time you've heard that one. I'm bitter; I admit it.)

AS in politics, you get what you pay for in sports.

Not always. But you do pay for what you get.

For the record: I'm all for a more aggressive revenue sharing arrangement to try to level the playing field in terms of spending power.

Randy, we can work on this.

Deal. Bring him over for the Real Madrid game.

Bring him over for the Real Madrid game.

Tentative plan.

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