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October 05, 2009


Anybody who helps sue the bastards who keep raising my cable bill for no discernible reason other than that they can is a freaking hero to me!

Thanks for keeping up the fight - this is one of those issues where it's difficult to build awareness or enthusiasm among the public. But for those of us who are following, it's good to see that there are lawyers on our side, too. Good luck.

I didn't know you even knew anyone on the DC Court of Appeals, and here it turns out that you're the Court's friend.

Are you going to post or link to the actual brief?

I cannot tell you how fantastic it is when a member of our amazing ObWi community (posters and commenters alike) is part of Big Damn Case in RL. I very eagerly look forward to your report!

(I'm terribly old-fashioned in that I do. not. want. my phone, internet, and cable TV all from the same provider. You don't really save all that much; if one service goes down they all go down; and what if one of the three decides to hike the rates beyond what a competitor would charge for the same service? I've never understood it, and would no more sign up for Comcast as my ISP as I would buy all my household items, from furniture to appliances, from Target.)

CaseyL, so who do you use for your ISP? Comcast is a cable provider who also offers phone and internet services. Verizon is a phone provider who also offers internet and cable TV service. Either one is a decent choice for ISP (what they have in common: both already have cables that run to your home). I'm not going to go out of my way to sign up for satellite-based internet service just because I have a principled objection to getting internet service through a company that also does something else.

I am going to post a link but I'm in the process of writing up a longer post on a different site, which i"ll cross-reference here.

Hopefully it will all be up later today

JustMe - My ISP is Earthlink; my landline is Qwest; my cable TV is Comcast... and my cellphone, insofar as I use one, is iWireless, which is part of T-Mobile.

Spread the wealth, say I :)

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