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October 20, 2009


How did you come up with "literally a century of experience lobbying Congress and its committees?" I think there's something going over my head.

AT&T has been lobbying Congress since the turn of last century. And they, to borrow from the Matrix's Architect, exceedingly efficient at it

To be more precise, the institutional expertise gathered over decades didn't magically disappeared in the early 1980s. It filtered through to the Bells, and has now filtered through to Vz and AT&T.

They're very good at it.

And we already know that the ISPs are perfectly happy to sell the public down the river given the way they pulled out of their objections to the DMCA after getting their safe haven provision in place.

Barbara Lee's name isn't on that letter. Sheila Jackson Lee is

haha, you didn't say Barbara. My bad.

Bill Foster's name's on it. You'd think someone whose career was launched with a lot of help from the netroots would know better.

For once I think I agree with you on something.

Progress! :)

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