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October 11, 2009



I think that one's important enough to stand up say something about, whether or not one's a mod. I wish I'd done so sooner, just as a human being that shares the conversation with others, entirely aside from the merits of formal debate.

And I really do think that Irrumator needs to address this matter. Just as another human being sharing the conversation. Because at the moment, there's something very wrong between him and the community, and that comment is a big part of it.

Just because it happened before the new regime doesn't mean it doesn't have repercussions into how everyone sees him now.

particularly given that we want to encourage conservative commenters to feel welcome.

This really effin' annoys me, by the way.

I have never called Marty, Brett Bellmore, blogbudsman, mckinneytexas... I lose track. I'm not in the habit of calling conservative commenters trolls.

I identified Jay Jerome as a troll because he was regularly trolling discussions here. Other regular commenters were calling him out for his behavior, too. No front-page poster was doing an effin' thing about it.

I don't think I was even the first person here to identify Irrumator as a troll.

Yet somehow, the problem has morphed into me calling them trolls, and you're claiming that I'm not "making conservative commenters feel welcome"? If I were a conservative commenter here, and found you had just lazily identified them all with Jay Jerome and Irrumator, I'd be pretty damn pissed. I have my issues with (for example) Brett Bellmore, but I do not consider him a troll.


It's really funny how you're so quick to call others trolls. Look in the mirror. Slarti just called you out for trolling in this thread with your 22,000 comment. But instead of defending yourself, you go on the offense against me, when I wasn't even participating in this thread.

I were actually a troll, I'd take a page from your book and hide my trolling with obstreperous accusations against others.

What Jes said. This is a farce.

Doesnt the word libertarian already imply he is far right liberal, thus mainyl concerned with the amounth of liberty of big capital owners. Otherwise he would be just liberal. From the US basis, most debated increases in government do increase liberty. Its just that libertarians by definition hardly care about that thype of libery.

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