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October 28, 2009


Good thing he's got that pink skin tone, or else you might mistake him for a 'grey'. ;) I'm sure it's just the expression.

Seriously, he seems to have avoided that "ET wearing goggles" look our own firstborn favored.

The cost is not insubstantial, but well worth every penny. Good looking kid. Well done.

That is a penetrating gaze...

Actually, he kinda looks like Donald Trump, with that expression. (Or maybe it's just the hair...)

At any rate, for three weeks, it's a very smart look.

It's clear for all to see what he wants to say.

"hoo boy, I am going to make your life hell"

One menacing infant.

Are you feeding him lemon juice? I've heard that babies do better on milk. Although you can't argue with results.

Now, that's an Adorableness.

What were you dangling just out of range to get that "Oooh!" expression?

You might be right about the male model thing--looks a lot like the Zoolander pose.

Needs more hair to be baby zoolander.


Make sure he goes ta this god-fearin' church that's burning bibles, Eric. For Halloween, no less.

Screen shots of the deleted website.

If you do want to encourage his modeling career, you're going to need better equipment: this cell-phone camera just isn't going to cut it. And the lighting is a shame.

Wow, I was probably 8 or 9 years old before I could whistle. That's amazing. He remains so still thoughout the video that it looks like a photo, but the sound is great. Someone should paint his mother, maybe in profile while sitting in a chair.

How do we post pictures in comments again?

How do we post pictures in comments again?
I don't actually know html, really, but working from Daily Kos's FAQ on the subject, I then go to ImageShack's home page, rehost a random, moderately relevant image I found with Google there, and then I use a tag with the syntax:
(opening angle bracket)img src="" width=300 border="0"(closing angle bracket)

(Note that I'm using the URL ImageShack provides for the full-size image, not the thumbnail. Also note that the width tag can be used to resize the image, and can keep too-wide images from disrupting the page layout)

And voila:

People who know what they're doing may have better advice, or at least may know the code for angle brakets.

By the way, when reading my above comment part of the one very-long "word" that is the image URL got truncated (you can see the whole thing if you copy-and-paste it, but it's too long for the column width, and some isn't shown).

This only matter because that first term is

img src=""
with the complete URL of the image between the quotation marks - but as I read the comment I don't see the end of the URL or the second quotation mark.

loves it

He's really terribly gorgeous, but he looks awesomely disapproving.

Enjoy life on the roller-coaster, Eric! Congratulations!

I'd say almost haughty, or disdainful. Maybe you're not quite what he'd hoped for, on reincarnation.


Let's see if it works:"width=150 border="0">

...which brings up the question of circumcision.

Well, no it doesn't. It's just the first thing that sprang to mind after Ugh's picture. That probably signals something about me, but I'm not sure what.

Ugh Jr. circa 7 months old:

Every time I see Ben Stiller, I think of circumcision.

Maybe I shouldn't be sharing that.

weird, the picture used to be there, huh.

Every time I see Ben Stiller, I think of circumcision

That would be The Frank 'n' Beans Effect.

Ah must have been because I deleted the picture at the link

I hope he'll come to realize that there's more to life than being incredibly good looking.

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