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October 21, 2009


Dude, now you gotta go to rehab, apologize to the nation and do a reality TV show.

I *hate* it when I leave great puns on the floor. I feel for you, my friend.

You could also Part E. like it's 1999. Or you could fight for your right to Part E.

So no one will accuse of being a Part E animal. We all have to get old sometime.

ain't no Part-E like a DC Part-E cause a DC Part-E don't stop!

Look on the bright side: now no one can accuse you of toeing the Part E line.

It's a shame to waste a good pun like that.

Of course, the GOP riposte might be along the lines of "We Ain't Gonna Part-E No More"....

I don't want to spoil the part-E, so I'll go.

I, um, politely dissent.

Yeah, but then people would start calling opponents "Part E poopers", which would lead to people getting hurt*...

*By me >D

Then perhaps the Democrats could reclaim the mantel of being the Part E of ideas....

Point, you take all the pun out of threads.

If only I could, Jes...

I suspect that there'll be time to use "Fight for your right to Part-E" at a later date...

Let's get this Part E started.

In other words, Publius, you're telling us, "It's my Part E, and I'll cry if I want to."

publius, that's OK, you can take a mulligan.

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