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September 26, 2009


Congratulations! I could have written exactly this when I got married.

Mazel Tov!

"Today, I got married to the most beautiful women in the world. Both beautiful because she is on the outside, and also because she puts up with me."

Pretty tolerant, indeed, to allow you to be married to plural of the gender.

oh fek, I suck. Fixed.


My wife is excellent evidence for the existence of God. (I remain an atheist just to get on His nerves.) Every day that I wake next to her is a gift from the universe to me; it is a reason to get up, and a reason to try to make things better.

This kind of post makes me want to quote Robert Burns, and not the good parts version...

If your wife thought you were a louse, Eric, I'm pretty damned certain she wouldn't marry you. And if she's as wonderful as you have consistently said she is, she's probably accurately assessed you and your inner beauty and concluded that you are in fact the best person for her to spend the rest of her life with.

So, I think, on your wedding day, you might just bring yourself to admit that she's right and you're wrong and you really are as wonderful a person as she has assessed you to be.

Or at least, not decry her choice in husband on the day she actually marries him. I'm sure, from what we know of you, and what you've said of her, she made a very fine choice.

Congratulations and best wishes: may you live as long as you love and love as long as you live.

thanks jes. this is one disagreement we can resolve in your favor ;)

Louses like you always get the really great women!!

mazel tov, eric!

and what the heck are you doing blogging on your wedding day?!?

many years of blessings to you both.

Eric--- congrats to you and Mrs. Martin.

and what the heck are you doing blogging on your wedding day?!?

Ah-ha! See, Jes, Eric is right! =p

Mazel tov, Eric!

Congratulations, Eric, to you and your wife.



and welcome to the Club For Lice.

What am I doing blogging? As corny as it sounds, I've been too excited to sleep much.

Yesterday was perfect: city hall with just the fams, dinner, then a bar with all of my closest friends. No hassle, no pressure, no pomp and circumstance. She insisted on it being that way, and that's but one of the reasons why I love her madly.

and thanks all!

My wife and I did it the same way - courthouse, family-only, low key. Consequently we both remember that day very fondly.

Congratulations, man!

Thanks jb. One of the first people I met in the blogosphere! Been a while.

You'll have to pardon my maudlin ways, but I'll be like this for a few.

Congrats! But I have to ask, does she know you blog?

She knows, and she tolerates. But she doesn't read them.

God bless, Eric! Congratulations and good luck!

Thank you, again.


But does this mean that you're getting boring?

Congratulations. Almost 35 years ago I would have said the same thing. And guess what, I can still say it and mean it. May your marriage be as wonderful for you as mine has been for me.

All the best, Eric. :)

Congratulations, Eric.

Our wives sound like they have a lot in common.

Though I speak in the tongues of men or of angels: if I have no love, I am a clanging bell or a tinkling cymbal. Though I prophesy and see into all the mysteries and all hidden knowledge, and have faith enough to move mountains: if I have no love, I am nothing. And though I give away all my possessions to feed the poor, and offer up my body to be burned: if I have no love, I gain nothing.

The non-trite portion of First Corinthians.

Best wishes to you both.

But does this mean that you're getting boring?

You tell me ;)

Congratulations, Eric! Very cool.


Yay! Congratulations!

Relish the voyage, brave and lucky soul. *grins*


Fantastic!! I have often felt the same way about my wife. Absolutely the smartest move I ever made was in marrying her.

The both of you - stay gold!!

Great news, Eric Martin.

Long life!

Good health (insurance).


mrphaethon.blogspot.com: "Pretty tolerant, indeed, to allow you to be married to plural of the gender."

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We're not supposed to mention the multiple personalities - they get sooooo up set :)

Thank you John Thullen, and hilzoy and von and sekajin and ugh and anarch and Alex Russell, and all upthread.

It's been a blast, so far ;)


What happens though if she starts saying "you know, this COIN business seems like a good idea, but we should try it with less troops." :)



So does this that we (blog folk) are now like the old college friends who aren't invited over to your house any more because your dear spouse will never forgive us for that time we got you falling down drunk and then took you to the airport and put you on a airplane to El Paso with a one-way ticket and no identification (this was in the pre-TSA days), no money and no credit cards right after your rehersal dinner, and then the next morning (once you sobered up and figured out where you were and borrowed a dime to make a phone call) the bride-to-be had to figure out how to fly you back in time for the wedding?

[I know of somebody to whom this actually happened]

Anyways, here is my digital blessing: may the both of you have a long and happy life together, full of laughs, fun and work, and with as few trials as may reasonably be expected, and with much wisdom learned over the years in the subtle and under-appreciated art of not driving each other crazy, which in the long run is one of the great gifts that two people can give to each other.

Many congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Eric! A long life in good health!

And you can probably knock off the "I am a louse" number now, I'm sure your wife knows better: and if you need any reminders henceforward: well, your blog-commenters will surely step in to take up the slack....

Mazel tov!

Yippee! Be well!


Many, many happy returns to both of you!

Congrats, E-Mart!


Best advice I ever received on making marriage work:

When you fight, hold hands. It reminds each of you what's important.

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

I know of somebody to whom this actually happened

When a cousin of mine got married, her husband's buddies took him out, got him legless, and painted him green from the neck down.

Congratulations to you and your wife, Eric.

Warmest Regards, Steve


I'm so happy for you both. Marriage is such an incredible adventure. An infinite number of blessings on you both.

Here is a poem, written by my mother, that has been read at many a wedding ceremony:


Where are we going, love,
in a little yellow cart called marriage,
a dog, loyal, running after,
rings on our fingers?

Broad old road
taking us to market
the fields on either side
flatten out to the sky

Beyond the towns
is there an ocean
we might in the end

--Celia Gilbert published in Bonfire, Viking Press.

Congratulations Eric. All the best to you and your lovely wife. May you be blessed with many, many years of happiness. Hugs to you both.

Congratulations, Eric!

Congratulations, Eric! She's as fortunate as you are. Now onward to the next blessed event.

From one louse to another, congratulations, and all good luck for the future.

What AndrewBW just said. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together!

Congrats! May the romance never fade, the joy last forever, and your sense(s) of humor always be lively.

Congratulations, Eric & Ms Eric. May you be blessed with many happy years together.

I was feeling really cranky today and came home and drank too much. Looking forward to some acerbic posting, I find this...a g'd'mned wedding announcement.

Well congratulations anyway, but you ruined my evening.

Russ: Now onward to the next blessed event.

Sebastian getting married! Yay. :-D

Now onward to the next blessed event

Sooner than you think ;). Well, maybe not Russ.

Thanks all, again. Very touching, really.

And great poem AIMAI. And great story TLFTABQ. Thankfully, my friends had mercy.

Congratulations. You sound so happy.

Congratulations. I'm getting ready to celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary, and when you've found the right one, it just keeps getting better.

P.S. I'm guessing your wandering days have actually been over for quite some time, and this was merely a formality.

Congratulations from here too. We're up to 19 years married now, so even someone who spends too much time on the internet can stay married, given a tolerant spouse. The only useful bit of advice I can give is that if you ever start thinking: 'how much I am getting out of this marriage?', you immediately need to ask yourself: 'how much am I putting into this marriage?'

Congratulations, Eric!

Most heartfelt congratulations to you both!

A thousand blessings on you both Eric.


I sent you an email, Eric, but don't know if the red account still exists...If you got it, no rush in answering (obviously), but I was wondering if it was going to disappear into cyber-purgatorio..

good for both of you. i too am a very lucky man....
Mrs Martin! Please let Eric play at OW- itll keep him out of the saloons.....

Congratulations, Eric, particularly since you've married 'up'. I did the same and have 34 incredible years to show for it with many more to come. A good thing to remember: Happy Wife = Happy Life. Put your family first and everything else falls into place.

Congratulations, Eric, but I got married to the most beautiful woman in the world; beautiful for the same reasons, but also, because of the sheer vastness of her heart and generosity.

As I tell everyone who gets married, if it brings you half as much joy as my marriage has brought me, then you will be in good shape.


Mazel tov, Eric.

Spammer always gets me when I comment on big things like hilzoy leaving and Eric getting hitched- one last time, best to E., and I share a song for the man who somehow always gets my favorites into his posts:

Sinead O'Connor's cover of Dylan's "I Believe in You"

It was my wedding tune, and I think you'll love it too. All the best!

But does this mean that you're getting boring?

What do you mean "getting"??? Ha Ha.

But I kid because I care. Many congrats and best wishes.

Congratulations, Eric, and welcome to the I Married Above Myself Club. We're thinking of having jackets made.

We're thinking of having jackets made.


Mazel Tov!

Late to the party as usual (me, I mean), but congratulations to you and the new missus, Eric. (And I hope you managed to play some Beasties at your post-ceremonial gathering.)

I've been at it for 13.489 years (roughly) now. It makes me sound old, but you'll see how fast you get there. Stay gold.

And I hope you managed to play some Beasties at your post-ceremonial gathering

The rumps were shaking. Advantage of having it a friend's bar: control of said sound system.

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