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September 20, 2009


Was that a different event from that where both the MSNBC and the FOX guys were thrown out while Billo talked (if by talking you mean uttering statements of infinitesimal truth but high on digestive juices)?

"The corpse of Irony disinterred, bludgeoned to death yet again. Film at 11."

The zombie whisperers fete the the zombie shouters.

As in all zombie adventures, there comes a time when you seal off the area and call in a tactical nuclear strike to save civilization.

Except that I think our civilization enjoys being eaten by the zombies. You get to watch yourself on T.V. being consumed.

This is the recently-renamed "Bombastic Blowhard Lifetime Achievement Award", yes?

I'm having this strange feeling of deja vu.

Hartmut, that was the Values Voter summit of 2009 of the Republican party. All the big wingnuts come to pay homage to...something, I guess the 'base'. MSNBC and Faux were invited to 'Values' and were apologized to for the rude behavior of the attendees (after the news networks were ejected).
I doubt O'reilly apologized.

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