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September 04, 2009


I cannot tell you how much I loved Starblazers as a kid. I still dream about the cartoon, 30 years on, and for a long time I thought that I dreamed the entire series.

FTR, the complete line for the title is: "Don't play Busy,
Imaginary, Incomplete and Seethruskin, Drone and Gutless, Wound and
Mean Guy. Equalized is overrated. Sorry."

i'm not a regular reader, but this is the second jawbreaker reference i've seen (i believe the first was, "i don't care what the thoughtless are thinking").

von, i believe you're the resident conservative here, which sucks. but, i could never say anything bad about a fellow fan, so we're good.

fwiw: 24 hour revenge therapy > dear you > bivouac > unfun

Searching for a distant star
heading off to Iscandar..

How was your fantasy football draft, von?

I've been with the same group of eight guys since 1992 and drew the first pick for the second time I can remember and did not get creative, selecting Adrian Peterson.

What surprised me was I was able to pair him with DeAngelo Williams, who I loved having last year.

And I'm fine with having Greg Jennings as my No. 1 receiver.

My concern: I need Eli Manning to produce and he lacks proven targets.

At least football is back.

James - I wouldn't really call myself conservative. I am a bit old fashioned regarding some matters, but I'm more a libertarian than anything else.

In more important news, my first Jawbreaker show was well after I had burned through their albums about 100 times. It was sometime in the early 1990s. 1993? 1994? Pretty sure 1993: I wrote three short stories right around that time, one of which got me paid. ("Nine Letters"; Playboy still owns the rights.) (No, it wasn't porno.)

Anyhoo. Saw them with Engine 88 and Jawbox at the Metro in Chicago. The Jaw-Jaw tour. Fantastic show, but not the best show that I've seen them do. Probably. I think I recall a better show at the Empty Bottle, but maybe that was Jets to Brazil.

But the best show I've ever attended was a couple years later when I went to see Tortoise at the Metro alone (the folks who were going to go with me bailed at the last minute). 97 or 98. FWIW, I highly recomment seeing a band by youself. If you can catch a good seat at the bar -- I always favor proximity to alcohol over a view of the band -- it's well worth it.

FWIW 2: call me old school, but I always thought that Dear You was overrated and Unfun was underrated. But I can't dispute your rankings beyond that.

And, yes, all of the above is very boring to the nonfan.

I loved Starblazers as a kid, but it didn't hold up nearly as well as Robotech when watching as an adult.

I screwed up. RBs are kings in my league, points-wise, and I've got Chris Johnson and Ryan Grant. Middling at best. My hope is that Grant gets a ton of carries and stays healthy. FWIW, I always try to get Jennings, but I missed him this time. He's just so solid: he can easily carry the #1 spot if the rest of your team is solid. For QB I have the other Manning. Some whould say that's a safe pick, but I fear the downward spiral. 50-50 I'm out looking for a new QB by week 4. Depending on the spin, your pick of Eli is either too risky or acceptably naggressive ... and I lean towards acceptably aggressive. I almost picked Eli up as a backup for his brother, but I needed to grab a TE (Health Ledger - again, solid but not spectacular).

"Health" Ledger = Heath Miller. Although drafting the Joker for TE would be an inspired pick.

I think that this is a sign that it's time for me to go to bed. All best.

OMG. Every once in a long while it'll just pop in my head- "what was the name of that anime with the space battleship; man I loved that show" . Now I know.

One of the things I like about both Manning boys is their durability. They show up every Sunday.

The big thing that separates Peyton from his little brother is I think he makes average receivers much better than they are. Favre has always done that, too. And Brady. Granted, they've had some big names to throw to, but they've also helped middling guys make good livings.

My 10-year-old boy seems to realize that Peyton is a great quarterback not by watching him play but by seeing him do so many commercials, and funny ones.

That's how you reach today's kids, I guess.

I think our only recourse is to fire the Wave Motion Gun.

As unfair and unbalanced as ever.

If you're bringing up Starblazers the pop punk you should be referencing is Sicko since they have a song called 'Wave Motion Gun'. Of course, as fun as they were they're 1/100th as good as Jawbreaker so this is forgivable.

What is the deal with J Robbins and Blake with band names?
Jawbox/Jawbreaker; Burning Airlines/Jets to Brazil.

On another note, anyone who hasn't heard the Jawbox on Cello album by Gordon Withers is missing out. It's a benefit for J Robbins' son Callum.

von, I saw the Jaw/Jaw tour in either Boston or Providence -- probably Boston -- and I was semi-furious that Jawbox (a band I adored then and now, and saw probably a half-dozen times) was the opening act, despite what I had been led to believe, leading me to miss half their set. Jawbreaker I could honestly take or leave. Good live act, though.

Justin, "Burning Airlines" is a Brian Eno reference, while "Jets to Brazil" is a Breakfast at Tiffany's reference. Totally different! How on earth could people get them confused? At least Robbins' latest band was Channels, which doesn't sound much like "Thorns of Life".

President Obama: No friend of wildlife.

Meanwhile, as he turns his backs on wolves in Idaho and Montana, the Republican candidate for governor of Idaho, jokes about huting President Obama.

You can send a message to President Obama, who needs to show some spine and protect the gray wolf.

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