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August 05, 2009




What can I say? It's a handy time-saver!

Umbra Fisk is not a real person.

I've been peeing in the shower long before it became the cool thing to do.

Yeah. And I'll fess up to in a watering can for the lemon trees and the compost pile.

The vid is adorable. And it IS a water saver.

I don't get the Al Gore reference -- is it Milbank/Cilliza-like shorthand?

It's all pipes!

I've heard that getting some on your feet can treat athlete's foot. Besides that, sometimes I find, particularly after exercising, that the urge comes on very suddenly in the shower. I mean, what's a brother to do? Track water across the floor? And if it's good enough for Perry Farrell, it's good enough for me. (Name That Tune, anyone?)

And I'm pissing on myself...standing in the shower thinking...

Eric Martin, are you a rebel or a leader?


Publius, are you aware that Umbra Fisk is not a real person? Not that it's terribly significant, but she's a made up person:


Nope, I didn't know that until i just saw this thread.

"Standing in the Shower thinking," though it would be more difficult if the subject somehow related to sex being violent ("Ted just admit it").

Eric Martin, are you a rebel or a leader?

Isn't it obvious?


Isn't it "an outlaw or a leader"?

Isn't it "an outlaw or a leader"?

Still both.

Personally, I make a distinction between peeing over a drain, in a shower, rather than over one's feet, or in the opposing direction.

As ever, I speak as someone with male equipment, however relevant that may or may not be. And with a tiny bladder, and (TMI!) urinary frequency problems among my many minor irritating issues.


Viva Zapata.

Brazilians make everything look like fun.

"Umbra Fisk is not a real person."

Dude, you're breaking my heart.

Also: a brick will break your toilet? You're just supposed to put it in the tank, not throw it.

The graywater line your shower drains to is not the same as the sewer line your toilet drains to. You're better off doing the old "if it's yellow, be mellow" philosophy, at least until composting toilets finally become mainstream.
(get it? main-stream? sorry.)

My dad caught me doing the deed when I was about 10. Scared the piss outta me. I'm with Jim. There's grey water and then there's sewage. Are any women here emulating the bad habits of the men?

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