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August 18, 2009


Consider this.

i will not tweet.

i will not tweet.

Hell, I won't even IM.

i will not tweet.

Hell, I won't even IM.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I sure would hate to miss anything that mattered! ;)

Oh yeah, well I won't even post comments!


I don't know what IM is. Do I win?

Re GF's link: "

"Twitter tweets are 40% 'babble'"

As opposed to 88% of all blog posts...

Note: So does that mean 56, of the permitted 140 Twitter characters are junk and the other 84 are gems of unimaginable import?

No sweat; just read a tad less than every other character.

Problem solved. Next question?

"I don't know what IM is. Do I win?'

Instant messaging.

Hell, I won't even IM.

me either.

email is about as reachable as i want to be.

I'm excited you're Tweeting, Pubby. I'd be even more excited if you had included the name of the account so that I could follow you.

antrumf: "I don't know what IM is. Do I win?'

GF: Instant messaging.

Gary: You didn't answer antrumf's real question. No, silly antrumf, you don't win. John Thullen wins. This and every other thread. Even when he doesn't "enter."

The Pear Analytics "Twitter babble" study is absolute garbage. See this. I'm glad ObWi is twittering! (My handle is @jimmilles)

Sorry - it's ObWi. It's on the sidebar

I don't tweet. But I do text. One of my managers at work got me started a few years back, and now I text the wife and kid, and have had customers texting me. I will say this: Texts never go unanswered.

On the topic of cultural touchtones, reading today's release of the Benoit College Mindset List made me feel old -- and amused. Anybody else feel the same way reading it?

I know of at least one other example of a multi-person Twitter account: http://twitter.com/dailymtg . They handle it by... well, just take a look.

Have fun tweeting. I'll just read posts here on the blog when I have time, regardless of the particular moments new posts show up. If twitter is anything like facebook, it's mostly useless to me. Hell, I hardly use cell phones - for talking, even. Forget texting. E-mail's great, but IM: feh. (What am I, 15?)

I found Facebook quite useful, as well as an immense timesuck, in the brief few months I used it, until this.

Sooner or later I'll try rejoining using another email address, I suppose.

Lately (as in pretty much the entire summer so far) Twitter has distracted me from substantive writing. Evil thing.

BTW you should start following people, pub. You're missing out on the full Twitter experience (eg, proper interactivity).


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