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August 24, 2009


Funny, I don't remember the elder members of my fraternity threatening to murder my children if I didn't do another shot of vodka while wearing adult diapers. Kinks must need to be worked out, I guess.

Ugh: you can't even pledge Skull n Bones without going through that.

I got through about page 40.

My pick hit so far is the interrogator's explanation of why they went beyond the recommended techniques when applying the waterboard: they thought it would be more "poignant and convincing".

It takes a truly special mind to characterize "we really made them think they were drowning" as "poignant".

Remember "The Way We Were"? Or "Brian's Song"? Or maybe Brando in "On The Waterfront", saying how he coulda been a contender.

Yeah, it was just like that.

They're putting the kitsch in criminal.

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