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August 27, 2009


speaking as a person with majority Scottish ancestry (and from the name, I'm guessing you are also)

I grew up in the northeast but by blood I am one-half Southern border Scot hardscrabble redneck.

I've never thrown a caber but I've eaten my share of hominy.

Personally, until I saw the classic movie, I thought it was some kind of allusion to the whale in Moby Dick. You know, this freaking BIG hope?

So, not only are you unwilling to acknowledge the racial context of the "great white hope" comments, but you also don't understand Herman Melville's book.

Surly, you certainly live up to your name. Exactly how do you figure I don't understand Herman Melville's book, just because I figured "great white" was short hand for "really big"?

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