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July 10, 2009


Probably my favorite Twitterer so far is @daveweigel - the guy has a potential second career as a comedy writer.

Ummm.. Sarah Palin duh


Yes, @daveweigel is a must-follow, for his humor and for links to his Washington Independent articles (especially if you're interested in what's going on with birthers and teabaggers).

Such silly thoughts and all the amazing ways to share them.

#FollowFriday ObWi Edition: @AriMelber @GlennGreenwald @jayrosen_nyu @BreakingNews @randomdeanna @jillmz @anamariecox @harrislacewell @Shoq @Cody_K @AntoniaZ @TheNation @matttbastard (duh!) @markknoller @davewiner @jeffjarvis @jennpozner @annfriedman @CruelSecretary @seasonothebitch @owillis @pandagon @peterdaou @buzzflash @GregMitch @SusanneUre @markosm @joanwalsh @mattyglesias @ezraklein @pwgavin @rachelsklar @dceiver

Just to start. ;-)

I follow TPM, Matt Y, Financial Times, Juan Cole, several Iran, Scott Simon (but it is mostly like your coin flip hypo), Glenn Greenwald, Charlie Savage, Fromkin, attackerman, SCOTUS, NY Rev of Books. Rotowire and the rotofeed if you are into fantasy baseball.

"This request is so 3008 that it's probably going to blow your mind."

You're predicting a wave of thousand-year-looking-back retroness?

Back to the future!!

You can also use TweetDeck to form groups and thus separate the different types of tweets. That seemed easier to me than juggling accounts.

@knitmeapony is a great resource for links to important feminist and leftist issues (the slant is feminism, for the most part). She's a lawyer and has a great collection of links daily. I'm better informed because of her.

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