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July 04, 2009


And it also skirted campaign finance law prohibitions

I see what you did, there.

busted... :(

You're a silk-tongued wonder, Slarti. Go put a sock in it before someone gets shirty.

I think the pun contest between Jesurgislac and russell may well end up in a tie, though they may both be hot and pant-y by the time they're done.

It suits y'all.

I say folks should button it up. Or zip their lips.

Above all, don't boot-strap the discussion further. That would be panty-waisted, and overall unsuitable.

150k for a campaign wardrobe for a person who didn't have a million dollars or a Brooks Brothers wardrobe to begin with isn't a lot of money.

That's not what

Oy. Meant to link to this (and maybe, in Firefox, I did):

The Republicans whose money she spent certainly thought it was a lot of money.

I concur that the level of discourse is well under where it usually is on this site. In fact, I can't think of a singlet tie m wear the overalls discussion was in such tux.

well, if the shoe fits I guess I better wear it.

I just glove this site most of the time, but all these off-the-cuff remarks are starting to make me think you have something up your sleeves. (It still beats Pajamas Media, though.) I hope I don't get collared for spending too much time on here at work, especially considering the way they expect me to scarf down my lunch - something usually shorts my hour. Well, gotta go. Hats off to you all.

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