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July 30, 2009


Obama ought to make it into a race and award prizes to the platoon that can pack up and get to the border the quickest on their way out of this shithole!

Eric, something I find interesting, but am too busy right now with contractors working here, and other stuff, to look up to cite at the moment, is that I've in recent weeks read some highly right-wing military-type bloggers coming to essentially the same conclusion.

From their POV, Maliki's proclamations of a "great victory over the Americans" should be taken as an Islamic/Iranian victory over us, and thus we lost what we shoulda won, and it's a terrible thing, etc., but the analysis remains pretty much the same.

Ok, and having now read the complete Reese piece (um, yummy, may I have some more, please?), it all sounds entirely right to me.

Yeah, I was impressed with this, and have heard similar chatter from right-leaning mil types.

See also this Michael Gordon (one of the Times better military reporters) piece on Reese. (I can't help laughing every time I put those two rhyming words together, though.)

Gordon points out:

[...] Before deploying to Iraq, Colonel Reese served as the director of the Combat Studies Institute at Fort Leavenworth, the Army’s premier intellectual center. He was an author of an official Army history of the Iraq war — “On Point II” — that was sharply critical of the lapses in postwar planning.
Ackerman noted that: Reese is currently "chief of the Baghdad Operations Command Advisory Team for Multinational Division-Baghdad."

If he's not in a position to know what he's talking about, who is?

Thanks, Eric. Great link.

I am reminded, just a little, of the middle of King Lear, as it dawns on the hapless Lear that, having ceded his authority, he can no longer assert it even in the smallest things. You are a king, or you are a wastrel, nothing in between. The Iraqis are ignoring the SA because they know we can't do anything to enforce it. We have no place there now.

And this is truly great news. We can leave even sooner than expected and save the money. What say we build some light rail, or feed Africa for a year instead?

Yeah. Rumor has it we might need to revamp our failing health care system too!

It's a very clear and precise analysis, that really should be listened to.

However, I'm still laughing at the mental image generated by: "They will tolerate us as long as they can suckle at Uncle Sam’s bounteous mammary glands." What a sentence!

Yeah, that was a doozy...

OT: Here's a note on the GTMO prisoner ordered freed today. http://www.scotusblog.com/wp/afghan-ordered-freed-trial-unsure/ I haven't seen anything on the guy ordered freed yesterday.

Thanks, CharleyC.

Col. Reese's pieces apparently include commentary on US health care reform. TPM


Thanks more, Charley C.

Yeah, pretty bad.

But then, that's not particularly surprising or damning. The guy's a military man, and apparently has a good reputation in the military community. That doesn't make him particularly well-versed on the issue of health care.

Further, as Gary alluded to upthread, this is an increasingly popular stance amongst right-leaning mil blogger types. To which I say: to the good!

Just because he's a rightwinger, doesn't mean he's wrong.

Not to mention that Iraq will soon enough be out of sight and out of mind for Americans. No one really will care what they do to one another, and since they will be unlikely hosts for Al Qaeda, they won't pose any threat to us.

Thanks Eric, great post. There are some things most of us can agree on!

"Not to mention that Iraq will soon enough be out of sight and out of mind for Americans. No one really will care what they do to one another, and since they will be unlikely hosts for Al Qaeda, they won't pose any threat to us."

Like in 2003. (Not, mea culpa, that I said so at the time.)

Well, does pulling out of Iraq mean sending those folks to Afganistan?

Of course, the author has been sucking at the US government tit for 30 years, including US government provided healthcare.

While it is true that he was required to maintain himself at a healthy weight to maintain his insurance, it seems a little funny to have such a bad vision of government provided healthcare.

Good to hear Marty!

Well put, jrudkis!

Reese's memo is just a more knowledgeable and detailed elaboration of the "ungrateful wogs" line of talk that invasion opponents knew would come as soon as it became difficult to spin events as any kind of success.

Democratic members of Congress were using it during 2007 when advocating withdrawal, because it's a more politically palatable alternative to acknowledging U.S. failure (or to the acknowledging the impossibility of "success" to begin with, equally if not more unpalatable because of the way that truth call into question our whole "defense" setup and permanent-war policy).

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