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July 10, 2009


That every mutation must be of immediate adavantage is a common misconception. It is only relevant that is not of serious disadvantage at the time. And there are still a lot of 'dormant' traits in the DNA that occasionally surface as atavisms (rudimentary gills, full body hair, multiple nipples etc.) that under certain circumstances could be beneficial (we might need those gills sooner than we would like ;-) ) but currently are not.
There can be of course never be a proof that there is no divine entity pushing evolution subtly into a certain direction. On the other hand it is possible that one day we'll find out that we are just the school science project of some higher-dimensional teenager with mediocre talent.

Sargon and Imhotep are different from me genetically?

Yes. Different from me, too. Come to think of it, I'm different from you, genetically.

Yeah: not what you meant. I know.

Entirely possible that I missed someone else's link here, but just in case:

Horizontal gene transfer. Considering there might be (and have always been) a little more random change/adaptation in lower-level organisms did wonders for my convictions about evolution.

Natural selection, please share the stage.

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