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July 22, 2009


Why didn't somebody ask him about his birth certificate and then make everybody say the pledge of alliegance? I mean, what's important here, anywho?

Overall, Obama did very well.

Though I was caught off guard by the last question, even more so by our president's choice of dark humor...

You say "dark humor" I say blatant truth. Anyone who tried to "jimmy" into the WH WOULD get shot!!!

Some more pleasant surprises:

He was incredibly magnanimous to the opposition, in crediting Republicans with, and praising them for, several aspects of the bill as currently drafted. He also praised particular Republicans for "engaging" the issue.*

He put in just enough illustrations of the hardships on being uninsured or underinsured to put a human face on this, leaving plenty of time to make a thorough case for how HRC will save the economy and the budget.

He struck, for me, exactly the right note on the TARP question** -- we pumped money into the financial sector to keep it from collapsing, and we succeeded; the banks and firms are making money again, and that's good, because they can lend again***; now that we've stepped back from the brink, it's time to get serious about regulation so this shit doesn't happen again!

He was direct (often brutally honest), wonky, and classy as fuck. Reminds me why I loved him.

*On both these counts, I imagine most of my fellow commenters here do not feel nearly so generous...

**Itself unexpected, as I thought this was a press conference on health care.

***(Would be nice if they actually were lending, but hey, now at least they have the capital available.)

He's incredibly smart, unscripted, and honest. He came to the presser fully informed, and ready to have a heart to heart. He is grand.

I liked the fact that CBS made the point that this was hit 4th prime time presser in 6 months while Bush only had four in his eight years.

I think people will like the idea that he comes out and is willing to be held accountable for what he's doing. I don't think people are going to get tired of him.

I don't know which matters more: what Obama says on TV; or what TV talking heads say about what Obama said on TV.

Right now, Chris Matthews is doing his usual "I'm stupid so I speak for the average American" schtick. It's kind of pathetic. I dare not look at what the FOX clowns are saying.

My own reaction is that Obama seems to lapse into Washington-speak even when he's talking to the public. He says "health care" when he's talking about health insurance, as if ordinary people don't have different visceral reations to their doctors and their insurance companies. He talks about Americans paying "$6000 more than anybody else in the world" in the same paragraph as he talks about $1.3 trillion deficits and $7.2 trillion debts -- as if the public is adept at relating per-capita annual, per-year national, and multi-year national numbers. He talks about "160 Republican amendments" as if Joe the Plumber has a single, solitary clue whether 160 is a big number, whether there were more or fewer Democratic amendments, or what.

His best line, I think, was the one describing the status quo in the same terms as one would describe any other proposal, and saying, rightly, that no one in his right mind would for that.

He did great on the Gates question. He simplified the facts a bit, but he summed up the case in language normal people can understand. If only he had done the same on "health care".


Goddamnit, my comment disappeared again a second time!

And a third time. It has one link it in. Without the link, there's no point. This is already more trouble than a simple one-liner is worth. When is ObWi moving off Typepad?

First part: It was to the effect of: "He's incredibly smart, unscripted, and honest."

And Typepad won't post the rest of my comment. I give up. This is a great way to hold a conversation.

He's not an entertainer

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