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July 13, 2009


Guess this got overshadowed by the catastrophic announcement just after it. But anyway, this time one must say it, LOL.

Sorry, Publius. This is giving me a wan grin, not the LOL it deserves.

Hilarious. She could also show up in person wearing full umpire regalia and again, it would take a couple of hours for the members of the World's Most Blowhardian Body to notice...


That would be great!! She could bring a whisk broom and brush off the table every so often, maybe after a particularly silly question.

HA. I love the little broom-idea. Might she also answer every question (sorry, I mean 'question') with a curt, 'Ball!', 'Steeerike!', 'BALK'....?

Q: 'You might be surprised to hear this coming from a Republican Senator, but I've always admired the work of, and had great respect for, Ricardo Mantalban. Could you just respond to that, Ms Sotomayor?'

A: 'ball'

Q: 'Ms Sotomayor, your parents emigrated to America [sic] from Puerto Rico, a close neighbor of the island of Cuba. Would you agree with me that in the cause of freedom and liberty for the people of Cuba, that America can never reward the brutal and repressive tyranny of the Dictator Castro's regime by officially recognizing that tyranny?'

A: 'Wild pitch'

It would be fantastic! They really don't care what she says anyway, unless she screws up.

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