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July 02, 2009



I noticed the lack of comments.

Speaking for myself, it is hard to comment. I've tried three times this morning and failed each time.

I don't know what to say. Just sad.

For informational purposes, I mention that this is Vantage Press.

Without comment: Info. More info. More.

Also. And.

I miss Andy, too. And I surely hope a scholarship can, somehow, be established.

I'd suggest that Andy's parents give contact information where people can directly make donations for that purpose. I think that would be very useful, and I'm sure a number of us would be very happy to help spread the word on how people can make donations that will directly and fully go to such a scholarship.

Thanks for passing this on. Gary's suggestion is a good one about direct contributions to a scholarship.

I miss Andy.

I'm not a tough guy by any stretch, but it usually takes more than nine letters to get me crying.

Thanks Hilzoy for introducing Andy to many of us who, without you, would not have experienced his humanity and wisdom.

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