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June 12, 2009


I've always liked how POS takes the standard "rock a lot of shows" pose, and then twists it by immediately explaining "I use sarcasm freely."

yah baby.

Hey Ugh, you got a shout out!!

Thanks von.

Hey can we call it an open thread?

Going to see Pink Martini tonight with some good friends. My buddy Bob is stoked because they remind him of the Brazilian girlfriend he had in, like, 1947. His wife, Debby, is less enthusiastic about that particular aspect of it.

Tomorrow night a local gig, Sunday a rehearsal for a festival thing I'm doing in August.

In between eat, sleep, work in the garden, maybe play some drums and marimba, and hang out with my wife. We both had crazy busy weeks, we miss each other.

Maybe it'll even be sunny.

Happy weekend, all!

Shakespeare... García Márquez... Wolfe. I'm getting a little worried about this trend in the Congressional Literature Office projections.

Hey Ugh, you got a shout out!!

Least he could after stealing my beat.

cup singular, at least if you're quoting Tom Wolfe.

And my kids, who know their old man well, are taking me to the Giants game for my birthday. Go Timmy!

Going to see Pink Martini tonight with some good friends.

Hey. Where? Why wasn't I notified?

Despite my age and ignorance of modern music I love that group. Enjoy.

Opera House on Washington ST. Could be there are still tickets!!

They are a hoot. The party I'm going with ranges in age from 9 to 87. Dim sum first.



I saw them there(?) 2-3 yrs ago. Would have loved to join you had I known in advance, but had other things going on earlier this evening.

Is there a new CD?

coming out in october

Complete game shutout.

If any ObWi readers have some extra money sitting around available for charitable giving, there's been a horrible case in Cleveland in the last week in which a local man crashed his car with his 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old stepdaughter, resulting in the latter being paralyzed from the neck down and, in all likelihood, a vegetable. (The case is even worse than the link describes -- the mother has been charged as well -- but I'm not at liberty to divulge more details.) There's been a trust set up for the girls' care; details are available here. If you can, please consider giving.

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