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June 03, 2009


Great clip, hilzoy. Thanks.

Thanks for posting the sad news,I first saw Koko at Tipitinas in 1984, Her version of I'd Rather Go Blind still stirs my soul.

yeah baby.

thanks hilzoy!

Koko Taylor was awesome. May she be blessed. I only saw her once, but it was really nice. Upstate New York in an outdoor theater in the summer. And some pretty good wine from the local wineries. Upstate New York has really crappy weather for ten months, but late July is nice wonderful there. But Koko made so much nicer. Bless her.

holy shit what a force. i've heard more subtle blues singers, but damn she packed a wallop.

it's sad to note her passing, but thanks for doing it. i was struck by the death of john martyn earlier this year, how many memories it brought back. leaving behind a few songs and a sound is accomplishing a lot in this world.

I'm sad to say I hadn't heard of her before now (or even of her "signature" songs. Definitely my loss.

leaving behind a few songs and a sound is accomplishing a lot in this world.

And what a sound! I'm privileged to have seen her live -- in 1983 at one of the many blues concerts that were fundraisers for Harold Washington's campaign for mayor.

RIP? I think she is up there with Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and both Sonny Boy Williamsones-singing up a storm, in a juke joint by the crossroads, all night long....

I'm also sorry to read that David Carradine has died.

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