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June 30, 2009



A guy who's only bringing a rent-control apartment ain't got a chance these days.

She even knew which health care groups she wanted. Don't try to be cheesy with some fly by night!

very funny. 'I'll get you braces, girl!'

the accidental legacy of the price controls of WWII which led companies to promote health care benefits since they could not compete on price.

Of course the full legacy of our current system is conservatives/AMA/et al blocking national health care from Truman-on. The arbitrary system we have was preserved on purpose.

don't mean to be a t-rd in the punchbowl, but, really....

I feel a greater need for health care benefits than ever before.

Not to pry too much, but Gary I thought you already had a girl!

Hmmm I wonder if men are also attracted to health care benefits? My company has excellent ones. Although no optometry. But the dental is good!

"Not to pry too much, but Gary I thought you already had a girl!"

Extremely regrettably, and sadly, that ended several months ago. I even wrote about it (rather embarrassingly and over-wroughtly) a few times here, but it's perfectly understandable, if quite shocking, that you wouldn't have followed my every comment.

I'm now highly available. Once you've had fiftiesh, chubby, unemployed, broke-ish, with treatable mental illness, gout, and high blood pressure, you can't go back, you know!

(Well, actually, it appears you can; but it would be nice to find someone I find desirable who thinks otherwise.)

On the plus side, I can also be pretty annoying.

But, you know, free proofreading thrown in.

Oh, I'm sorry Gary. That must have happened during one of my many periods where I was playing hard to get with this blog. ;)

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