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June 10, 2009


"An assertion totally empty of any meaningful content."

Except it's not an assertion, I explained exactly what I meant; you simply chose to to ignore what I wrote.


Nah, he's been had: Even if corporations aren't treated as people, they're owned by and operated by people, and THEY have constitional rights. So he doesn't get much out of the concession.

It's kind of like the exclusionary rule: If you're not going to just ignore the Bill of Rights, the alternative to it is going after cops who violate rights, not just keeping the evidence, and leaving everything else the same.

Between the mounting interest on the debt and the open-ended entitlements we've voted for ourselves, we've gotten to the point where we aren't willing OR able to pay it back.

See, this isn't actually an explanation, but another assertion. And given that it's an assertion made in light of a projected scenario where the deficit grows to 6% of GDP, I'm not certain where exactly it's coming from.

We are nearing that limit.

Could you be more precise about the dollar value of that limit? In order to make it something more than an assertion?

The only question now is how much inflation the Obama administration is going to print before they get a clue.

...Okay, I'm not sure if this is supposed to count as an explanation, or an assertion of ignorance about current inflation and the money supply. At least you didn't mention how we're basically Zimbabwe. Yet.

I've got my own opinon on the flagrant dishonesty in the US system of government. It has something to do with the fact that one of the two major political parties tries to run the government while claming that government is the problem. They are therefore ideologically opposed to the job they are elected to do. Pure doublethink.

Can I just say I hate "100 Years of Solitude"? Never could get through the whole damn thing even after a few tries.

"So he doesn't get much out of the concession."

For my purposes, I'd get a lot.

"Can I just say I hate "100 Years of Solitude"?"

Dude, that was the fun one. "Autumn Of The Patriarch" will make you beg for mercy.

And for the record, I like both books. I'm just saying.

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