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May 18, 2009


You've attributed Gingrich's remark to both Gingrich and Goldberg. What Goldberg said was

While watching a televised soccer game, the camera showed women with exposed arms, and the Uighurs went ballistic, picking up the TV and smashing it.

As a teenager, I went to a party at which a drunken teenager (parents not home) threw a television set out of the bedroom window to smash on the sidewalk below.

Visit any sports bar on any American Saturday, and witness the calumny directed at the screen when any kind of ball is misthrown, dropped, etc.

I have a friend who was once dissatisfied with the degree with which his bread was toasted, so he took the toaster by the chord into the backyard and swung it like a lasso, letting it go to smash against the fence.

A misguided young woman by the name of Janet Jackson once bared a booby during the half-time of a major sporting event, and a fusillade (fusillage)of universal remotes were thrown against TV screens across the little town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Outraged Christian men stormed from the dens of millions of homes and visited the bathroom to masturbate as they made angry phone calls to the FCC.


.... against the smaller appliances.

I guess that's what that rough tough leatherneck Jim Webb is afraid of -- Uighurs wreaking havoc in the sports bars of Arlington, Virginia, with their "al Qaeda-trained" teevee-hurling skillz.

John: Eek! Thanks! I have no idea how that happened.

I think the USer military and the Politicos are all just hoping against hope that the end of Cuba where Gitmo is get hit by a Cat 7 hurricane/tidal-wave, and just washes all those poor bastards into the sea for the sharks to clean up...

They gotta be 'disposed of,' and I guess "we" have suspended the program of drugging 'em, loading 'em in choppers, flying out over deep water, and pushing 'em out... (the way we did with uncomfortable prisoners in Nam...)

Woody: Can you cite your claim about "uncomfortable prisoners in Nam", please? I knew that our government had done a lot of nasty things there, but this sounds more like what South American dictatorships were doing in the '70s.

Here's the Uighur situation, as I see it:

US screwed up big time, imprisoning and torturing not just innocent people, but patently innocent people, and refusing to release them for years on end.

They can't go home (will be tortured and killed), but they could move to US. Thus, US has opportunity to make up for its crime in some small way, as a refuge for its victims. This small act could also go some way in repairing America's image.

So, naturally, since so small and safe an act can carry so much symbolic weight in America's favor, Newt Gingrich and the National Review are against it.

And somehow, that's now normal. Wow...

... if some official with an axe to grind had been in my house, s/he could easily have told the LA Times that I fled the room as soon as the President got up to speak

And then Gingrich could have said that some group you belong to -- say, liberal bloggers, or philosophy professors -- are "known for" fleeing the room when Obama comes on TV.

KCinDC: more apt than you might think. Stay tuned.

A post to be praised.

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