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May 22, 2009


They even called AEI a "conservative policy organization," rather than the usual "think tank." Good for them.

Such a repeated line of refutation reminds me of the scene in History of the World, Part One, where Madeleine Kahn is inspecting the guard to choose her escorts.

The difference is, however, that she sings all "no's", and the sheilds of the rest of the media behind her enclose their heads to prevent any of the dissenting information from reaching their brains.

[Cheney] quoted the Director of National Intelligence, Adm. Dennis Blair, as saying that the information gave U.S. officials a "deeper understanding of the al Qaida organization that was attacking this country."

Lie thought this is, it tells a larger truth, don't you think? I'd say we *definitely* got a 'deeper understanding of the al Qaida organization' during the Cheney/Bush years.

Cheney: The Boy Can't Help It!

er...somebody might want to delete c. west

It would be nice if Eric could clean up the thread below this one, too.

I can only clean up threads to my posts. Can't touch Hilzoy's. I lack the proper security clearance.

I lack the proper security clearance.

Cruel, cruel irony!


cruel irony indeed.
but it appears at least the html tags are back

My God, this one post has made my day complete. A news organization fact-checking and calling bullshit. I think I'll get a jump on happy-hour.

Hmm, what does Johnie Hindquarters at Powertools have to say about this?


The Most Insanely Biased "news" Story in History

At least I think it's intended to be a news story. It popped up on Yahoo News a while ago, which I assume means that many thousands of people will read it. It's written for McClatchy by two reporters--I guess they are supposed to be reporters--named Jonathan S. Landay and Warren P. Strobel and is titled "Cheney's speech contained omissions, misstatements." The article is basically a compendium of DNC/Daily Kos talking points from 2003 to the present. It is full of falsehoods, long-discredited canards, and misleading statements. I'm going to bed and don't have time to deconstruct it, but if you read it no doubt you will be able to make corrections as you go along. It is one of those "news stories" that is intended solely for the ignorant. If we had comments, maybe we could let our readers tear this piece of nonsense apart line by line while we sleep. Perhaps someday.

So lessee, they complain that the article is wrong, but refuse to be bothered to actually say why or even invite their own readers to do so. Heckuva job, Powerline.

The poor folks at the Powerlineblog can't afford a comment section. I guess the economy is hurting everyone.

this kind of journalism is invaluable. and so rarely seen these days. i have to take my hat off to them. during the early days of the iraq war i mean the iraq occupation, McClatchy did some excellent work dissecting the facts behind all the bush and blair administrations' fictions.
these guys deserve a pulitzer.

It really is amazing to see how many dc denizens think he still has credibility on anything

Well, Fledermaus, you just don't understand this town - and (in the immortal words of Der Broder) it's not your town.

journalism worth every penny

Which raises the question of how some of our pennies might be transmitted to McClatchy Corp.

I certainly have no desire to subscribe to any of the papers in their chain, but would cheerfully make an annual contribution to keep their DC and Baghdad bureaus functioning and intact. Guess I'll go click on some ads on their page for now...

I worked for a McClatchy newspaper for seven years. The guys who wrote for Knight Ridder deserves the credit for this, not McClatchy. McClatchy wouldn't know good journalism if it kicked them in the ass.

Well, yes, tomeck, but the McClatchy bosses are the ones who're going to decide whether the (formerly K-R) DC bureau grows or shrinks.

By the way, when I went back to the page, fully intending to click through and linger on their ads, one ad was one of those drecky flat stomach things and the other was from the {brrr} American Gas Association. Gamely, I clicked away anyhow. The stomach ad gave me a broken link; the AGA ad hadn't loaded anything readable within a minute (I was on dialup). Not a good sign.

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