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May 27, 2009


For any others who, like me, prefer to give via ActBlue, to promote liberal internet organizing, I did a quick search. Not knowing anything about the bundlers, I chose the one claiming to be Signer's sister, as being a fairly neutral choice, lest I promote the apparent fundraising influence of someone who turns out to be an oddball.
That said, I only gave a very little money - I'm not actually terribly generous.

I second what publius has said about Mike -- he's a good guy, very smart and progressive, and deserves our support.

If he's in big labor's pocket, why does he need campaign money - to legitimize their buying his election? Will there still be an actual vote, or can they just force folks to sign cards? Good, smart AND progressive - uh, well, OK.

好秘书 我爱皮肤 中国公文网interests of disclosure, he's also a friend. But I wouldn't write this if I didn't think he'd be an

Hey Publius,

Thanks so much for posting this! Your post came up on a last-minute iPhone Google at our polling place ("Lieutenant Governer? We have to pick a Lieutenant Governor too?"). Results still haven't been announced that I've seen, but you definitely netted Signer at least 3 votes ...

But not enough to keep him from losing 21-74% to Jody Wagner. Still, it's just as well to have one of the three Democratic statewide candidates not be a white male.

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