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May 17, 2009


Isn't it just the most likely explanation that the Bush Gang dragged their feet over things like missile monitoring and plutonium controls because they simply didn't trust the Russians to live up to their end of any deals (coupled with a residual Cold-War-Era obsession about giving the Russkies any access to "proprietary" data?

Concerns about terrorism notwithstanding, stuff like this seems just SO typical of Team Dubya: lip service to high-minded goals of "nonproliferation", but in reality, polices that treat the concept of "nuclear nonproliferation" as "everybody else gives up their nukes"; i.e. pretty much the same way they viewed "bipartisanship" in the realm of domestic policy.

I wish I had a dollar for every time Rumsfeld said "I haven't read that yet" when asked about some damning report or news story in a press briefing. And not one of the gutless pukes who pass for military reporters ever came back the next week and asked, "Have you read X?"

Doesn't that story also point out that Rumsfeld kept army rescue helicopters from going to New Orleans after Katrina over some stupid turf war?

Friends in the CDC tell me that dangerous biological materials are sitting around in Russia unsecured or barely secured by flimsy door locks. etc.

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