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March 29, 2009


maybe it's worth holding fire.

or maybe, just as he is trying to shift the window of "moderate" over to the right, we should keep pushing it to the left.

the american people did not vote to enact bayh's agenda. and they did not vote to enact an agenda watered down by bayh and made more business friendly.

they voted on obama, to enact obama's agenda. and bayh should shut up and play for the team.

Bayh's never had a problem and never will [absent little boys or sheep]. I can't speak to the other dog democrats. Bayh is Joe Lieberman's political love child--- and likes his daddy.

I took Bayh's position as "pivotal politics." In a 60 vote Senate, the "pivotal" figure is not the 51st vote . . . it is the 60th vote. And in a straight party vote, the Democrats don't have it. They need a couple of Republicans. And so Bayh, and others, can position themselves as the essential votes to get legislation passed. Which can give them leverage to be relevant, to get what they want in a bill, be it money for the district, language to please a donor, or even pure-minded purposes.

Publius proposes to judge Bayh based on what he does . . . whether he likes the outcomes that result. Bayh, I suspect, is more interested in the leverage a pivotal position affords.

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