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March 21, 2009


Some of us Boston-area ObWi folks are getting together for dinner next Tuesday (3/24):

8:30 p.m., Gargoyles On the Square‎, 219 Elm St, Somerville (we'll be in a private room).

We may also try to meet up for drinks beforehand, but there's no specific plan yet.

If you might be interested, email me at janiemat at myfairpoint.net


No offense to your "standout" there hil, but listening to 'Paradox' made me want to shove two lit blowtorches in my ears just to make it stop.

xanax: yeah, I know. But isn't it sort of wonderful, in an utterly perverse way? (All the paradoxes of silicones...)

Yow, my browser crashed with far too many tabs open, and when it restarted it had "Hey, Paul Krugman!" and "Paradox" playing at the same time. And it took far too long to find the "Paradox" time and close it.

Hilzoy, you only know me as an occasional commenter, but I gotta tell you this song reached through the flat screen, shook me by both shoulders and made me scream "YEAH!, YES!!" It put to music what I've been thinking for weeks now.

Obama is supposed to be a librul? Hell, we have such financial establishment hacks "masterminding" the "recovery on Wall Street" that it really feels like a continuation of the Bush Administration. Instead of hoes beholden to Goldman, how about some real liberals, true reformers, like Krugman and Robert Reich, running the financial show?

For weird music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTlz3FA-Rjg>Mormon Jesus is hard to beat.

As an aficionado of the Portsmouth Synfonia, I found these tunes to lack 'the common touch'.

They also call to my mind Sondheim, if Dick Cheney held a gun to his head and demanded an opera for Halliburton.

Thanks, Redhand: Mormon Jesus cracked me up.

Oo, have you heard the Bio-Rad PCR song? Bringing the trend back.


Great song. Btw, I see he's done a similar song for Nouriel Roubini:


Was the PCR song ever a trend outside of molecular bio labs?

I'm a grad student. As far as I know, there is no outside of molecular bio labs.

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