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March 17, 2009


I'm cool with apologies followed by ritual suicide. Or should we make them promise to go Galt on us and withdraw their talents from our society?

I'm hoping that Cuomo gets the list of names. And leaks the names to the public.

Mel Martinez is an idiot.

Ritual suicide? No, the public deserves justice, they shouldn't be allowed off the hook.

Speaking of harakiri, I recommend the movie Seppuku (called Harakiri in English, but the term is rather coarse in Japanese) directed by Masaki Kobayashi. This review gives a hint and this review starts off with

Seppuku is a story of massive unjustifiable layoffs leading to disgraceful acts and deaths.

Take a look at the movie and then hope for a Hanshiro Tsugumo. AIG deserves it.

I'm cool with apologies followed by ritual suicide

Sure; any other sequence wouldn't work.

I'd settle for firing their @sses.

I just e-mailed Martinez, (I'm in his district) to ask him what f?

Isn't it just so cute how Martinez actually thinks that shareholders have a realistic say in executive compensation even when the shares are owned privately? Priceless.

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