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February 18, 2009


I think Sherman deserves to be in better company.

Otherwise, great!

Farber Ignores Publius Typo: "Don't Sweat It."

"Ford to City: 'Here's your bailout'"
Ben Stein: "It Evolves!"
"Andrew Sullivan Weds Michelle Malkin!"

"Rumsfeld says he talked to former Pres. Bush and they tossed around the idea that the Middle East was more stable befofre the US invaded Iraq and that we ought to withdraw immediately because we can't afford to be meddling in other government's affairs."

Oh my god this is funny.

But howzabout: Oppenheimer calls for nuclear disarmament

Oh wait...

"Liner Titanic Maiden Voyage Postponed: Ice Pack 'Dodgy' This Year, Says White Star Spokesman"

Sullivan Declares Himself Uninterested in Palin's Uterus

Sadly, No! Opens Conservative Blog, Providentially, Yes!

Obsidian Wings Moves To WordPress - Users Request Pagination Feature

Spartans accept truce offer at Thermopylae, join Persian alliance

Vince Lombardi acknowledges that 2nd place is a worthwhile goal.

Some headlines I'd like to see:

Government investigates

Has 5 years to live, docs say

Limbaugh still fat

Pat Robertson officiates

Taliban insulted, embarassed

Napkin was upside down

Dan Brown gives up

"I'm here to take my medicine"

Okay, that last one is not really made up.


Karl Marx named editor of the Wall Street Journal.

The Satan one is probably my favorite.

Heh, my thought was that a better headline would have been, "Greenspan expects Dems to be in power until his retirement".

He's sucking up to the new Boss.

George W. Bush calls for democratic elections supervised by neutral Electoral Observers to ensure that all votes are counted and the winning candidate gets to take office.

...oh wait, that actually happened.

Bush to NYC - "Grow a pair!"

Bill O'Reilly uses personal fortune to fully fund the ACLU for a decade: "it's important that justice is available to all, no matter how unpopular their views."

Rush Limbaugh opens a chain of feminist bookstores called "Herstories", declares "women need a place they can hear truths which haven't been mutilated by the white male oppressorship!"

Mark McGwire to Chair a Commission Investigating Steroids in Baseball

"We cannot move forward until we deal with the past" he said.

REDSTATE EDITOR: These liberals aren't so bad.


Blogger pauses, thinks, decides to wait until all the facts are in before offering an opinion on a topic he knows only from a half-page article in a USA Today he read three weeks ago.

taking stock of his life, bin Laden sighs and looks out his cave entrance. after a moment, he says to his bodyguard, "Abdul, that Adam Sandler is a pretty funny guy, no? Was I wrong about the Jews?"

Isadora Duncan endorses hubcaps, neckerchiefs.


"We don't need all that stuff," said Pope Benedict, "And there's a lot of victims of abusive clergy all over the world. We're just trying to make it right."

Drug Lords form PACS, contribute to campaigns and lobby Congress to decriminalize pot.

Rep's Murtha, Jefferson, Lewis and Doolittle join forces, form watchdog group, to fight corruption in DC.

I think Sherman deserves to be in better company.

Committing war-crimes against slave-owners gives you a free pass on genocide against Native Americans, I'm guessing.

George Wallace apologizes to freedom riders, calls segregation wrong.

Churchill apologizes for British colonialism in India.

"George Wallace apologizes to freedom riders, calls segregation wrong."

'Cept, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Wallace#Change_of_views>he did, you know.


But, but I don't see any apology forthcoming from Greenspan, or acknowledgement of his role in the Fall.

OT: DC Circuit appeals court reverses ruling freeing the Uighurs in Guantanamo, says only the executive branch has the power to settle them in U.S., and that as long as govt is making good-faith diplomatic efforts to settle them no court can order release.

WTF??! These men have been told since 2004 that they were "free"!

Interesting, sickening precedent: treating people the U.S. government illegally took and held without any process for seven years as "immigrants".

These men have done nothing. The Uighurs are a directly analogue of the Tibetans, with the difference that they're Muslim, not Buddhists, and that therefore Chinese repression more readily produced armed resistance. There are Uighur communities in the U.S. prepared to welcome and integrate these prisoners; demand that President Obama allow the men to join them: 202-456-1111.

Reparations are in order, as well, but the urgent human need is to get more than 200 men out of the hell we've kept them in.

While googling for more on this story, I ran into a headline that qualifies for this post:

Conservatives Call on Bush to Free Uighurs

Following the link, however, reveals that the conservatives are the old-fashioned rule-of-law types who have, through an unlikely alliance with left-wing human-rights lawyers, stood up for the right thing to do against imperial-power Republicans and craven Democrats.

P.S. david kilmer wins the thread with 'Users Request Pagination Feature'

More OT:

Sorry, left off url for 'Conservatives Call on Bush to Free Uighurs'.

While we're at it:

Washington Post editorial: Free the Uighurs

ACLU background page: Free the Uighurs (Step One (!) of the '100 Days' campaign)

Other signs of the times:

- Not much to talk about today, bloggers across the political spectrum agree; the authorities have everything under control, and they are the experts, not us, so who are we to give them advice?

- Eric Martin denounces use of obscure song lyrics in blog post titles, says "nobody cares about music anyway"

john bolten: UN a force for good in world. US should pay up all overdue funding.

GHWB & GWB: prescott bush was a nazi sympathizer who did treasonous crimes against the US.

dick cheney/henry kissinger: can't we all just get along?

republican party: complex issues have many possible solutions, and must be studied in nuanced ways.

bill frist: terry shiavo was obviously brain dead, and so am i.

"But, but I don't see any apology forthcoming from Greenspan, or acknowledgement of his role in the Fall."

He's probably waiting to the lead of Obama and the Democratic Congressional leadership on that, just to avoid embarassing them.

He's probably waiting to the lead of Obama and the Democratic Congressional leadership on that, just to avoid embarassing them.

Good point there Brett. Why if Obama hadn't spent the entire general election campaign defending his 1999 vote in the Senate to repeal Glass-Steagall, he might have won the election in a landslide (and consequently enjoy high approval ratings), rather than narrowly squeaking out a disputed victory using last minute votes in IL engineered by Rod Blagojevich, just like JFK in 1960.

If only we lived in that world, rather than this one.

Cheney Demands Gitmo Crimes Investigated: "torture is always wrong"

Regan Supports Return of AFCD: "Nothing is more important than our nation's children"

Dobson Supports Marriage Equality Amendment

Bear discovered using outhouse.
Biologists stunned.

Bush Rejects Torturous Justification Of Torture.

FOX Rebuts Unverified Claims by Panelists.

Politico Requires Sources To Shed Anonymity.

DRUDGE Stifles Baseless Rumors Against Democratic Legislator.

Steele Admits Republicans Can't Be Trusted.

Burris Confirms Would Have Paid to Play If Could Have Paid.

Krugman Does Not Know Everything.

Californians Polled: Would Be Great Place to Live if We Paid What It Was Really Worth.

Pope Converts.
"In my heart, I was always a Jew."

The size of Obama's victory, and the margin of the Democratic majority in Congress, has precisely no bearing on whether they share any conplicity, (They share lots of it.) for the present economic situation. It merely highlights the irony of their being catapulted into power in no small part due to a crisis they contributed to the creation of.

Surgeons Report First Sense of Humor Transplant
Recipient Bellmore in good condition

ISI: Taliban Threaten Existence Of Pakistan, Must Be Tackled Forcefully

Achmadinejad "Thrilled" to Find There Actually Are Homosexuals in Iran: Leader Calls for Celebratory Gay Pride Parade.

Cato: "I Will Go to Carthage"

Let's Take the "Punic" out of "Punitive expedition"


Greenspan is advising PIMCO. Typical conflict of interest explains just about everything.

"Ahab to Pequod: 'It's just not worth it!'"

"Heh, my thought was that a better headline would have been, "Greenspan expects Dems to be in power until his retirement"."

Alan Greenspan retired in 2006.

Jolie/Maddow vs. Palin/Bachmann
Presidential race seen as step forward for female empowerment

Limbaugh opens fitness center
"spewing bile ineffective diet" says former talk radio host

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