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February 02, 2009


It's 2009. Iraqi interpreters still want to hide their identities. From the Iraqi government.

If the Iraq war were a child, it would be in the first grade.

There are college students who were in junior high school when we invaded Iraq.

We defeated the worldwide Axis powers in four years, two thirds of the time the Iraq war has been running.

At least Iraqi oil revenues were able to pay all our costs. And most Iraqis are thankful.

As if.

Jeebus, thinking more about this. In March 2003, I was unmarried, living in Boston, didn't have a job and didn't own a home. Both my Grandfathers were still alive. My sister was living in Utah and my brother in Texas, both unmarried, childless, and non-homeowners. My parents still owned the house I grew up in.

Now? I'm happily married, own a home, on my second law firm, and living in DC. Both my grandfathers have passed away (as has my wife's last grandparent). My brother and sister have gotten married, bought homes, and my sister has a child and is ~2 months away from her second; he moved to Utah and she moved back to Iowa. My parents sold my childhood home and are now living their second condo after the first didn't take.

But we're still in fncking Iraq.

Why are you still harping on about this? Don't you remember - Mission Accomplished!

Now, now, six years later, Bush admitted "Mission Accomplished" was a mistake, so that's okay, then.

Thanks for the clarification, Eric.

That being the case, if I were the Eagles, I'd offer CB Sheldon Brown -- Lito Sheppard's stock is way down, and we have a very good young corner to replace Brown -- and I figure the Cardinals have Breaston to replace Boldin.

Ugh: That really does put things into a time-narrative perspective.

(lj: I just emailed you and hilzoy on my latest URL misadventure, which, thank God, I seem to have fixed.)

There are college students who were in junior high school when we invaded Iraq.

and they love America more than anything else in the whole world. the same way a generation of Americans would love an invader.

You're depressing me, Ugh. For me, 2003 was just yesterday, and my life is shockingly unchanged since (not that I want any deaths to bring variety). I think I was in a quagmire the entire Bush administration. Well, I did become more politically involved.

Not that this accusation will stop people from going after people who worked with the U.S., but alot of the killers themselves will be hypocrites. Many of them made their own compromises with the U.S., took advantage of the invasion to enhance their power, and otherwise did not act as unequivocal resisters.

So, the killers will rationalize what they do to the less well-connected, less well-protected "collaborators" as some form of patriotic justice. But it will be largely arbitrary bullshit.

It's actually some of this stuff done against people under the name, "punishing collaborators" (Kuwaitis saying "get out you Palestinian collaborators" after their liberation for instance) as an independent category, that's made me thing it's really important to be careful with that explosive charge. Looking back, probably some people who collaborated with the Nazis and who got hit with patriotic revenge after the war probably were not any more unsympathetic than these interpreters. It's a big waste of human resources, and a chance for sadism and blackmail, when patriotism is used to make "collaboration" a crime independent of other more serious crimes.

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